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Haan Iera Sonne Ibrahim

Haan Iera Sonne Ibrahim

I spent two years assembling emotions and concepts into creating this debut album 'Archaic Alchemist' which were three decades of inspiration. There are eight titles from the remnants of 'Subterranean Economics' out of near two dozen songs. For me Subterranean Economics was testing the waters but in all senses it was very real. 'The Tetrad' from 'Stationary' is completely remixed and is available on this self-titled release. 'Ode to Tsar' is a classical piece and It will put your mind at peace other than leaving you in the battle field shot by your own and left for dead. Six additional songs were previously released briefly and will be on this album. I doubt there are any bootlegs that will outlast this 72 minute album.

This album begins with It's first title which is three minutes and forty-four seconds. Track One starts with timely bell chimes... twelve of them where they then sequence, sync and mesh into an array of alien landscapes among this horizon. Time begins to warp with mirages bending and inverting what you see aside from where you stepped out from. The native ryhthms open up and bloom out towards mechanized chiming and coordinated surveyal of a martian world.

Growing Suspicions opens up to a sea of knowledge with high hat taps and bass rising to a critical release of ryhthms of flowing processes from deep within. The drums then reverse their outreach and your beliefs subside. You become hallowed and your suspicions give way to the techtonic tide.

Ocsillare streams out waves of distortion while rising whaling envelopes and surrounds your mind. The ocsillare revolves in memoriam and is empty with rotation shedding light onto a soundscape of rivers of blood atoning for our consummation.

Pythagoreans is a return of techno-logic reality. Trance emissions dance out into the atmospheres bringing a brilliant and sharp sine to a new transition of reckoning.

Tapped describes our senses of realism with current technologies in our world. From deep within come sounds of humming machines with magnified synthetic audio of the communicating atomic structure. The driving drum ryhthms adhere to your travel throughout as robotic and scrambled voices pass beyond to origin.

Crude is a journey down into depths deep below as wars become consistent above from where you have receded. Crushing and shifting fault lines persist as further down sounds of crude flow while missiles steeped with abuse in our every pore reflect in the distance.

Siriseph (Welshman Mix) begins with an exchange of stellar brilliance of meteoric show and responding thresholds transitioning into a display of powerful arrays. Missiles ignite with permeating humming and precise machine function followed by the meditations of a solo guitar amidst and echoing into the night.

Latino Techno strikes up native ryhthms on conga drums in four parts and then into sixteen beats opening to a dance floor flowing with a latin guitar solo strumming and then leading into an entire accompaniment orchestrating together as a latino techno ryhthm. Accordingly and casually, it's guitars, reverse ryhthms and maracas subtle back into a solo piece to the finish.

Strata was one of several beginnings with my use of music production which I still house titles of therein. Synthetic sine ryhthms and symbols accompanied around sustained echo chambers then rise up with bass amplification developing into a techno symphony. This too has 5.1 channel capacity.

Strata (Version 2.0) is a complete remix of the original 'Strata.' Version 2.0 starts with a reverse symbol opening up to an immediate metallic echo chamber with very catchy and rivetting streamed fluctuations.

Despondence is a very sobering piano solo in a hall chamber format lead with expressive percussion drums that will surely get your attention. The atmosphere that is created does apprehend critical beliefs.

Ode to Tsar is relevance to a simplified likening of admiration with sounds of cellos and violins... It is in reverie to Alexander II.

Interleave introduces to you a single and soft patterned beat which grows with bass. Interleaved into it's motion are ryhthmic and synchronized impressions of conscious time. Within the techno sequence is an ever so quiet shrill quickly giving way to it's predeccesor as Interleave builds in output and synchronicity and finally subtly fading out.

The Tetrad is a near fourteen minute electronica techno-trance title which it will remain as a surprise for you with listening to.

Pythagoreans Cover
  • Pythagoreans
  • Electronic, Dance
  • Jason Robert Carmean
  • 10/02/2014
  • Pythagoreans
  1. IiiIiIiiiIIiIiIIiiIIiI
  2. Sierrasif
  3. Latino Techno
  4. Strata
  5. Strata 2.0
  6. Despondence
  7. The Tetrad
  8. Overshadowed