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Imagine Yourself

Imagine Yourself

We offer audio programs (and seminars) that assist children, youth, adults and families to develop and deepen their skills to better cope with life's disappointments and upsets.

Imagine Yourself helps children, parents and professionals help kids better manage their behaviour and sleep routines.

Our ability to deal with adversity is a life long journey. Our mission is to help people of all ages develop and deepen their resiliency to do just that!

Our first set of audio programs assist children, families, teachers and other professionals help children practise the key skills of mindfulness and relaxation.

They are now on iTunes.com in the Spoken Word or Children's Music Sections in the Canadian, US, UK, and Japan stores and all English stores.

What does the program do?

It gets the children and family to practice two vital skills already mentioned. They both help in reducing and controlling stress and anxiety. Several (<i>not all</i>) parents with children with special needs report that within less than 7- 21 days of starting to use the program and regular use (5 out of 7 days a week or more one of more of the children and parents started to experience:

~ Better bed time routines

~ Deeper sleep

~ Shorter cycles of frustration, anger and emotional upset.

~ Less intense issues at school

~ less fighting between siblings

~ a deeper sense of inner calm

~ a lessening of behaviour issues

~ some even reported children wanting to "go to bed to listen"

Imagine Yourself The Seminar

Topics include:

Introducing the program

to adults

to children

Trigger Words, Phrases and Feelings

Key skills for children and adults to practice

Common language dictionary of terms

Conversation with adults about their energy

Building common language with children.

Building a culture of resiliency into your family

Using the program

The potential outcomes and success rates

Imagine Yourself The Programs

Energy Management for Kids and Families

Four (4) – Thirty (30) minute audio programs

If you'd like to sample or order one or more of the Imagine Yourself tracks?

If iTunes is installed on your computer click on the iTunes logo's below.

If iTunes is not installed on your computer you'll need to install it first to sample or download any or all of the programs. You can do that at: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

Be a Bird,

Be a Ball,

Be a Horse,

Be a Cat,

Want to order one or more tracks?


We specialize in helping people develop their awareness and ability to understand, assess and deepen their:

~ Resiliency factors to advance their well being through learning essential skills for overcoming life's inevitable obstacles.

• These include skills such as:

- mindfulness and relaxation response

~ Stress-hardiness, to help them manage their performance.

• These include skills such as:

- reframing and disidentifaction

These are two sets of essential skills for the success of individuals, families, organizations and communities.

Who and why should we use them? Consider how Tiger Woods, Terry Fox, Michael Jordan, Silkan Lauman and Rick Hansen to name just a few of those that have used both sets of these skills under pressure and still had brilliant performances.

We offer keynote, seminars, workshop and consulting services at the in-house, association and government levels to assist you build resiliency.

Our clients have included:

Governments - including the Government of Singapore and the Government of Canada

Business - including IBM, and Bell

Educators and Health Care - Including Alberta Health Care and Ontario Nursing Home Association

Social Service agencies - including Hastings County Social Services

For a more complete listing of clients see:http://www.resiliencyforlife.com/Clients

For some idea of the feed back our live programming gets see:


To contact us visit:


...more than education, more than experience, more than training, a person's level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails." Harvard Business Review May 2002.

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