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Rick Bain and the Genius Position

Rick Bain and the Genius Position

cosmic darkside of the HAL 900 time out of mind travel concept overhead projector.

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Rick Bain and the Genius Position United States Oregon Portland Dante's May 01, 2010
Crooked Autumn Sun Cover
  • Crooked Autumn Sun
  • Rock, Alternative
  • Rick Bain and the Genius Position
  • 08/01/2000
  • Crooked Autumn Sun
Liner Notes: Rick Bain - Vocals, Guitar Michael Ford - Drums Joe Kaczmarek - Organ, Electric Piano Eric Pfau - Arp Odyssey Synth Bass Produced By Rick Bain and Steve Sundholm All Songs Written By Rick Bain Reviews: Rick Bain & the Genius Position They're laced with lysergic Britpop (Northwestern style: Dandy Warhols/Brian Jonestown Massacre), but unlike said Dandies they choose substance over style. Great songs, great hooks, and what a relief-aband using limey influences and trying to sound contemporary but not sounding or singing like Radiohead. the Village Voice (Bosler)-Aug 14, 2001 ---------------------------------------------------------------- RICK BAIN AND THE GENIUS POSITION AT THE SILVERLAKE LOUNGE. Portland's Rick Bain knows what he likes, and it's called the '70's - strong melodies, simple whomping rock drums, awee bit of guitar flash and the odd Hammond or synth flourish, and if you're gonna philosophize lyrically, keep it heartfelt and accessable. Bain and his band the Genius Position have a new album out, called Crooked Autumn Sun (Official), where his formula shines amazingly well over 14 cuts; it's as if he's skimmed the cream of the entire '70's rock era (slightly skewed toward the British p.o.v.), analized and eliminated its weaknesses, and just plain improved the whole thing. Bain's an excellent singer ans a plainly pithy lyricist, and a skillfully subtle arranger as well - a slightly odd chord progression here, a Hammond sweep there, occasional dramatic updrafts into a wide-open sky. Best of all, while you'll hear smidges of Floyd, Free, Mott, even ELO end, yes, dammit, Frampton Comes Alive, Bain never sounds like he's just pastiching. And after a few spins you'll swear Crooked Autumn Sun has been a crucial fave since 1974. (Les Moore) LA WEEKLY PREVIEW for July 19th, 2001 =------------------------------------------------ RICK BAIN AND THE GENIUS POSITON, "CROOKED AUTUMN SUN" (OFFICIAL) It's not immediately clear what Rick Bain is up to, but that's not a bad thing; "Crooked Autumn Sun," the debut album from Bain and his band, the Genius Position, is more intriguing for revealing itself gradually. The opening song is called "Three Chord #1," and the quartet does dabble in the sort of '60s pop rock that title evokes. Yet the Portland, Ore., singer-songwriter and his group are also a little bit alt-country, somewhat psychedelic and even capable of lengthy instrumental workouts. Bain used to play in a band with Dandy Warhols drummer Brent DeBoer, and his current sound has a kinship with the Warhols' cocktail of rootsy and trippy. The Genius Position takes most songs at a woozy stroll, with organist Joe Kaczmarek endowing an appropriately circa-1967 ambience to lines like "sunburned brain cells all the way" and "it's much better when you're high." Yet most of these blissed-out tunes are reportedly about a volatile romantic relationship. Balanced between endless summer and persistent bickering, songs like "So Good" and "Not Now" are a pretty good trip. (Mark Jenkins) THE WASHINGTON POST-ON THE TOWN for August 3rd, 2001 =------------------------------------------------ ROCK/POP-RICK BAIN AND THE GENIUS POSITION. Does the world really need another Beatles-pedestaling rock outfit? Probably not, but despite that Rick Bain describes his band's music as "Magical Mystery Tour without the vocal harmonies," he and The Genius Position are more than mere copycats. Bain, who recorded his own version of The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" (available on MP3 at www.rickbain.com", is a skilled interpreter. He layers influences aplenty on his new "Crooked Autumn Sun" (Official Records), mixing bits of classic pop and psych rock with more modern Brit pop touches (fitting since the Portland, OR. band toured America in 2000 with like-minded Portlanders Dandy Warhols). "Autumn Sun's" lead single, "Not Now," swirls an airy organ hook with chummy pop-song lyrics. "Lovin' Yummy" rocks with a harder, metallic edge while winkingly incorporating the line "somebody help me, yeah" from the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive." It's the kind of self-concious referentialism that makes the bands more overt derivations palatable. (Brian Howard) PHILADELPHIA CITY PAPER-PICK OF THE WEEK for August 2nd, 2001
  1. Three Chord #1
  2. Lovin' yummy
  3. Orlando
  4. I Want to Die
  5. Not Now
  6. You Are Still
  7. So Good
  8. Rapture
  9. Linear High
  10. Bye Bye Blue Eye
  11. Assume the Position (Part 1)...
  12. Magic Horse
  13. Assume the Position (Part 2)...
  14. Amber Waves of Grain