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I Hate Death!

I Hate Death!

My name is War Crime...

My tongue only speaks in lies...

I am Genocide...

My name is Robert Lee Kumpf. I grew up in the Willamette Valley.

I was awarded a diploma on the date of my graduation from Gladstone High School in the Class of 1992. I did really well in the study of Theatre Arts.

I spent a year abroad as an exchange student. I learned to speak some German.

I came back from Germany, and began attending a community college here in Oregon. I studied some psychology.

My progress through college ended abruptly in 1997. I was injured in an automobile collision.

Dysfunction won the war at home. I took off skateboarding. I saw the country. I tried not to think about the pain in my back, too much.

I went out into the woods of Georgia and started practicing on an old, acoustic six-string.

I finally got an apartment of my own. I finally got a doctor to diagnose my injuries.

I'm finally a recording studio.

It started when I was a toddler. The Chipmunks Christmas album on eight-track was my favorite thing. I started spinning Beach Boys records on my parents' stereo when I was in kindergarten. And now, I have some music of my own out on the market!

Have some fun!





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Early Attempts Cover
  • Early Attempts
  • Instrumental, Alternative
  • Robert Lee Kumpf
  • 08/27/2011
  • Early Attempts
Liner Notes:
  1. Pertaining to Brief Acquaintances...
  2. A Death In the Family
  3. Dyer's Carol
  4. Heroes and Villains Theme One...
  5. It's Time to Pay the Piper...
  6. Riff Song One
  7. Lucian's Chore
  8. A Moment's Thought
  9. Halo's Charge
Comet Tales Cover
  • Comet Tales
  • Instrumental, Alternative
  • Robert Lee Kumpf
  • 04/13/2012
  • Comet Tales
Liner Notes:
  1. Space Cookie
  2. Once Upon a Twilight Profound...
  3. Melange
  4. Sidney's Lament
  5. Ariel's Song
  6. Our Gallant Sister
  7. Space Hostel
A Collection of Traditional Christmas Carols Arranged for the Electric Guitar Cover
  • A Collection of Traditional Christmas Carols Arranged for the Electric Guitar
  • Holiday, Alternative
  • Robert Lee Kumpf
  • 10/18/2012
  • A Collection of Traditional Christmas Carols Arranged for the Electric Guitar
Liner Notes:
  1. "Away in a Manger..."
  2. "God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen..."...
  3. "Angels We Have Heard On High..."...
  4. "Jingle Bells..."
  5. "Joy to the World..."
  6. "Deck the Halls..."
  7. "Sleigh Bells Ring..."
  8. "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree..."...
  9. "We Wish You a Merry Christmas..."...
  10. "Hark the Herald..."
A Suspenseful Thriller Cover
  • A Suspenseful Thriller
  • Instrumental, Alternative
  • Robert Lee Kumpf
  • 08/05/2013
  • A Suspenseful Thriller
Liner Notes:
  1. Curtains
  2. A Physician's Rage
  3. 38 Groove Down Drive
  4. The Plot Thickens
  5. Perfect Diction
  6. It Could Be Too Late(Action Montage One)...
  7. Old Timers Lullaby
  8. A Penny Saved
  9. Of Flesh and Fire(Villains Delight)...
  10. Fran's Diner
  11. Puritans on Ice
Axe Music Cover
  • Axe Music
  • Instrumental, Alternative
  • Robert Lee Kumpf
  • 01/02/2014
  • Axe Music
Liner Notes:
  1. The Scenic Route
  2. Harper's Carol
  3. Of Armor and Archers
  4. Lurk
  5. Awaiting the Darkness
  6. Twilight's Shadow
  7. Of Wisdom and Luck
  8. Thankless
  9. Tomorrow Comes
Sacrosanct Cover
  • Sacrosanct
  • Instrumental, Alternative
  • Robert Lee Kumpf
  • 03/02/2015
  • Sacrosanct
  1. Sacrosanct