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SEIZURE 69 / Jim Abercrombie

SEIZURE 69 / Jim Abercrombie

"Seizure 69" is the culmination of a lifelong friendship between lyricist/lead vocalist Damon Savich and guitarist extraordinaire Jim "Ab" Abercrombie. The two have known each other since the early 1980's, and worked together briefly on a demo for Damon's early band, "Slasher", which saw Ab taking on the role of producer/engineer. Since that time, each has been a key contributing member of several well-received bands including "Slasher", "Iscariot", 'Forever's End", "Mindcage" and "Endless Dream" for Damon Savich, and "Kross", "Planet Baby Monkey", "Mamahead", "Four Star Daydream" and "Uncle Fletcher" for Jim Abercrombie.

The two finally saw an opportunity to work together in late 2001, when they came together for a couple of weeks, and the inspired "Seizure 69 - Forgotten Son" project resulted. Twelve songs saw completion then, including the title track, "Forgotten Son", "The Sleeper", "More Than A Dream", "Where The Heart Is", Black On Black" and "Love Takes A Life". Bassist Brian Howell and drummer Mike Shiver also contributed to the project, though in a decidedly peripheral manner.

The second project by the duo was begun in 2004 and was slated to be called "Seizure 69 - They Only Come Out At Night". Over thirty (30) songs were demoed for this project, though none ever reached completion due to the wrath of Hurricane Ivan, which led to Damon's relocation to California. This project stayed in the "demo" stage for over eight (8) years, while the two creators worked as producers and "musician's for hire" with other artists on the two opposing coasts of the U.S., until Damon Savich recently moved back home to Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Today, reuniting to breath new life into "Seizure 69", Damon Savich and Jim "Ab" Abercrombie are working tirelessly on a new project tenatively titled "Seizure 69 - The Gemini Project". Making their base of operations at Ab's home studio in Lillian, Alabama, the two have jumped back into the creative process with a renewed excitement. The songs are more "adventurous" this time, stepping a bit outside the traditional Hard Rock/Heavy Metal format of earlier works. Still, they are clearly "Seizure 69" songs, clearly identified by Damon's vocal stylings and the soaring guitars of Abercrombie! Songs like "Love Street", "For Better or Worse", "House Full of Sorrow", "Seems So Lonely", "Prelude to Oblivion" and "Winter Rhapsody" are nearing completion, while many others are still "in the oven"! Bassist Brian Howell has cut a few tracks, so far, and has expressed interest in working on the project, though the duo still seeks a committed drummer.

In addition to working on the new music, Damon and Ab have decided to rework and release the older projects, first in a series of Extended Play (EP) offerings, and then with the two Long Play (LP) projects. First up are "The Sleeper EP" and "Spirit of the Past EP" from the "Forgotten Son" sessions, followed soon by "They Only Come Out At Night EP" and "Things Change EP" from the 2005 sessions. The culmination will be the same-day release of "Forgotten Son" and "... But What of the Rose?" full-length offerings on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and various online music outlets. Early next year, "Seizure 69 - The Gemini Project" will be the "icing on the cake", according to Damon & Ab.

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