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The cagey shady band in based Belfast N.Ireland making dark electronic dance music that's gritty, driving,dirty sexy electro house and twisted it with dark glitch and aggressive vocals

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Dark by Design Cover
  • Dark by Design
  • Electronic, Alternative
  • Shadow System
  • 08/24/2012
  • Dark by Design
Liner Notes: Shadow System is an Industrial Dance band that incorporates dark gritty trance and dance beats with aggressive vocals. Guaranteed to be bass injected and synth twisted
  1. Shadow Dancer
  2. Twisted Sex Malfunction
  3. The Nihilist Machine
  4. L'art De Moi Destruction
  5. Nailed
  6. Feel Me Fuck Me
  7. Drug Fuelled & Better Than You...
  8. Cold and Double Bladed
  9. Dark By Design
  10. Coded Shame
Coded Shame (Matrix of Shame Mix) Cover
  • Coded Shame (Matrix of Shame Mix)
  • Dance, Electronic
  • Shadow System
  • 08/04/2013
  • Coded Shame (Matrix of Shame Mix)
  1. Coded Shame (Matrix of Shame Mix)...