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Shaia is a band which composes and produces ethnically influenced electronic music, especially world beat, dance and chillout tracks. Shaia's compositions are a juxtaposition of electronic riffs overlaid with real instrumentation, giving the tracks a rich and organic feel. Their music incorporates a wide variety of ethnic instrumentation, including traditional African percussion and Indian tabla, tampura, sitar and flutes. Chris Stapelberg collects ethnic instruments, which he plays and records digitally. During his travels to India and Thailand Chris digitally recorded local musicians playing traditional instruments.

Shaia's first album is called Antrik Aatma and features Shaia's twelve most popular tracks.

Antrik Aatma is a Hindi phrase meaning "Inner Soul". This name best embodies the spiritual themes which underlie many of Shaia's tracks. Shaia's tracks generally have a chilled out vibe, even though they are frequently fast paced and driven by Shaia's trademark bass-heavy world beats.

Antrik Aatma is an inspirational, eclectic mix of tracks, ranging from soulful, ethnically influenced ballads to pumping electro-inspired tunes. Chris Stapelberg's original compositions are enhanced by instrumental and vocal samples recorded in India and Thailand, as well as sampled ethnic instruments from Chris Stapelberg's personal collection. The album features lyrics by lead vocalists Kuljit Singh and Roshan Singh, as well as backing vocals by Candice Espenschied and traditional ethnic chants by Chris Stapelberg. Anne Marie Forrest, a talented jazz and folk singer, has contributed lead vocals on "I Will Find You" and backing vocals on "Mun Na Digay", "Mantra" and "Kehee Dhoor".