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Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins (born in Akron, OH< - June 12, 1985) is an American Hip-Hop recording artist. He is also co-owner and founder of Wayne Manor Recording Studios, and Gotham City Entertainment. Shawn's first single "The Life" debuted locally in August, 2008 on Akron radio and DJ Steph Floss's personal blog. Coupled with witty lyricism and an aggressive, synth-driven beat, "The Life" highlighted the peaks and valleys of day-to-day monotony for a "regular guy" moonlighting as an aspiring rapper. As a self proclaimed Batman fan, Shawn's verses are often peppered with comic book, video game, and nostalgic childhood references. His affinity for fashion and habitual sneaker collecting is frequently underscored in tracks such as "Sneakers From" and "Toys-R-Us".

After a mildly successful (yet short lived) group project consisting of himself and close friends, Shawn traveled to New York in order to launch his solo career. After meeting and pitching to several industry veterans, Shawn secured a management deal and began work on his debut mixtape "Bare Witness", under the newly appointed alias of 'Essay Chayzee'. This situation quickly grew sour as Shawn became frustrated with the lack of promotion and communication on behalf of his management company. False promises, artistic differences, legal issues and the rest of the cliché "mad rapper" arguments discouraged Shawn from doing further business in his then current situation. He immediately expressed his concern and attempted to depart from the management agreement. Unfortunately, things wouldn't be so easy. Rapidly becoming a hot commodity on his own, the management company battled mercilessly to retain Shawn against his will, for the length of the agreement. During this "waiting period", Shawn was forced to become inactive publicly in the hip-hop industry, and retreated to the recording studio to begin work on an undisclosed project, independent of the prior management company.

Forced to scrap all material, production, ideas, and any other ties to his previous deal, Shawn re-emerged publicly in late 2008. Discarding the moniker of 'Essay Chayzee', Shawn adopted his government name and announced that he would be releasing a debut project, independently. He has noted that production would be handled by close associates Silva (Brooklyn, NY), Jason Breda (Canton, OH), and 1987 (Mansfield, OH), among others. He was recently the recipient of a sponsorship from Blessed Label Clothing, and cited owner Michael Hurley as a "close friend, and huge help to the project".

Shawn also owns and operates his own personal blog, "The Batman Of Rap". His first release, "What A Rush", is slated to be released in early 2009.

For more, visit http://www.TheBatmanOfRap.com

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