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Sick N Twisted

Sick N Twisted

2001: ROB & DROOP create SICK N TWISTED ENT. - Along with a few other artist we DROP 3 albums from 2001 - 2006

In those 3 albums Droop releases his 1st solo album. other artist join SNT ( Rebel - DajiaVoo - Bishop - Tony C. - V.V.V - Phil B ) from ( West, East, North & South sides of Denver ) we begin to make music!! With a lot of help we Release a few hard hitting albums .....but, Were not about living in the past, so we move on!

2007: Droop DaSavage decides to leave the BHg'Z and revamp the label known as SNT ( SickNTwisted ) and after Mr.Rob left most of us high and dry ( I Mean, some ppl were I the middle of completing their projects ) Well, he step away from music all together, he didn't want nothing more to do with this shady music business. " it hurt everyone when Rob walked away, but The Team wanted to keep moving forward. So we did just that!!! ( We wanted to start taking his music in a positive direction )

2008: Droop DaSavage and Neeko Muzik meet up and decide to work together from that point Correk Recordz was born, The Record label got together with many ideas, they drop a mix tape cd titled: Black and Brown (sold 1000 copies)

produced by: Neeko Muzik

2009: Droop and Neeko start working on an original album and drop title: 5280 FIRE and feat: The Millon Dollar Mexican Filero from HTX Rec. the big homie Playa Rae from San Jose the homie MIG and a hand full of other artist from Colordao. (sold 1000 copies)

2010: Neeko & Droop decide to drop another mix tape cd and call it "Done Da Correk Way" they (sold a few hundred units and still selling units) and continue to make ear candy.

2011: Neeko And Droop remain to be working hard, they both are real family men, and put their children 1st before all else, living for our families through our families. We take no short cuts and believe hard work pays off in the end: Both artist start working on their next album.......

2012: Two years in the making for this new Album titled:

" ITZ OFFICIAL "dropped June 2012 - with in the first week we sold 500 copies from out our hands in the streets of Denver

2013: Droop DaSavage starts working on his 2nd solo, and yes Ladies and gents it's a full length LP ( Name of album ??? Coming soon )

2014: Droop is finished with his solo LP titled: System Failure

The date for this release is set to take place

On The 4th Of July 2014 for world wide Digital Download

In over 30 + online stores this album is full of hard banging beats and with only a hand full of features on this album it's 12 tracks of dope hip hop / rap music -

But you be the judge and look for his latest solo LP on ITunes or a number of other music sites



www.itunes.com @ Droop DaSavage

For booking info: text 7202135717

email SickNTwistedent@me.com

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