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Silver Stars Band: Featuring Silver Coulter

Silver Stars Band: Featuring Silver Coulter

Silver Stars with their song "That's a Fact"


Silver Stars is a mixture of Country and a little rock.

Beginnings of the band-Silver Coulter and Ian Mitchell

As the dog days of summer fly by, the band is going to go no place but up, and you better be ready for them! Since the band's beginnings in September 2010, the band name was "Fire Blaize" meaning 'Fire Blaze', but Ian spelled it wrong. The band consisted of just two people who done one song which debt on YouTube in Feburary of 2010- We Will Rock You by Queen. On Feburary 17th 2010, the band with the founders, Silver Coulter and Ian Mitchell, changed its name to "Absolute Blackout"

The first rhythm guitarest in the band-Carson Popp

The members of the Silver Stars didn't really get very far until August of 2010, when Carson Popp and Silver Coulter met to talk about joining the band. After Carson's arival, the now 3-membered band played their first practice on Labor Day (September 6th, 2010) of that year. Soon after Labor Day, the band changed it's name for the final time to "Silver Stars".

The Bass Player-Zach Foote

Soon after their first practice, the band (after a reccomendation from Carson) joined a bass player by the name of Zach Foote. Zach also played at Silver's October 17th party for the music video of Country View, a song that is one of Silver Coulter's original songs from the album "Pure Silver". Unfortunately, Zach Foote is now out of the band for different, but he may re-join in the future.

October 17th- the Silver Stars' first concert!

On the October 17th Party at Silver Coulter's home in South-Western Indiana, the band played their first concert on the stage overlooking Silver's Lake. The 1 hour show consisted of: Folsom Prison Blues, Sweet Home Alabama, The first Silver Stars Original "The Intro Song", and the popular original song written by Silver Coulter called "That's A Fact." That's a fact is in the process of being made into a music video.


Soon after the concert on November 21st 2010, Carson Popp, the 3rd member of the band and the rhythm guitarist, left the band on the note that he just had too much things going on with his life, but about two weeks later, he rejoined. Now after Zach Foote has left the band, the Silver Stars are ready for the summer!

Band Members include:

Silver Coulter

Ian Mitchell

Carson Popp