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SINAI |ˈsīˌnī|

The Sinai Peninsula has, for centuries, connected generations of people and cultures, and has been a force for change in a very volatile part of our world.

SINAI, the band, has emerged as an unstoppable force for change in the modern rock world.

After five years apart, former superstar bandmates NICK PERRI and WALT LAFTY have reunited and joined with drumming phenom, SHANE ROZUM, in their home city of Philadelphia to launch the next great rock act. Without question, SINAI is three big personalities meeting on stage to throw down, and give modern rock a shot in the arm.

From the exciting first notes of their new material, this reality seems inevitable. Their undeniable, original sound is as fresh and modern as it is classic and timeless. The trio's music howls with a spellbinding mix of ferocity and aggression, and could only come from the efforts of three remarkable forces on a collision course with musical destiny.

Perri and Lafty, the dynamic duo behind the group SILVERTIDE, saw this as the perfect moment to reunite after a half-decade apart in different acts. Perri, a world-famous guitar player, has spent the last few years touring with some of the biggest names in rock music, including Perry Farrell, Shinedown and Matt Sorum, while Lafty, an internationally recognized frontman and singer/songwriter has led his latest creation, AUTOMATIC FIRE to significant fame in the active rock universe. Rozum, meanwhile, has always been renowned for his showmanship and remarkable drumming skills, especially with his popular former band, JEALOUSY CURVE.

Because of their significant experiences, each member of SINAI comes equipped with something truly unique to a new band: a global fan base, already in place. "We're ready for Japan and Germany, the US and the UK," Perri says. "And they're ready for us. We just need to get re-exposed."

The band is excited to be launching such an ambitious project from their home base in Philadelphia. "The fans know the difference, when you're faking it and when it comes from the heart," Perri says. "There is nothing posed about this project. It's brutally honest, just like Philly. The spirit of this town and the heart of this city are in our bones."

They're also not afraid to broaden their horizons, musically speaking.

"We want to write songs that grab the attention and hearts of fans of all genres of music. We're not writing music for ourselves. We could stay home and do that. We write music for the world to enjoy...and get off on."

With a band like this, the world is undoubtedly watching.