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Sinan Kajtazi

Sinan Kajtazi

Sinan Kajtazi was born in Mitrovica, Kosovo. He studied music and dance at the “Prenke Jakova” School in Pristina, from which he graduated in 2005. He is principal dancer at the National Ballet of Kosovo and at the same time an accomplished musician, playing clarinet, saxophone, piano and other instruments. Sinan Kajtazi produced his first album in 2013, entitled RE-VI-VAL with instrumental interpretations of classic and popular Albanian songs. In 2013 and 2014 he participated in the EU-funded event "Pristina Open Air Music Nights", with his own music band, enlarged in 2014 with Albanian and Turkish musicians, in the framework of his project “Music crossroads in South-Eastern Europe” funded by the EU-funded project Culture for All. The project aimed at exploring the common music heritage of the Balkans through a contemporary creative approach based on traditional and ethno music and gave birth to the album PËRTEJ (BEYOND), which gathers 11 songs of the purest Albanian musical tradition re-interpreted with contemporary orchestration. The album was released in January 2015 under the label “Sinan Kajtazi and friends”. It is also released on amazon mp3, iTunes and various other music platforms and digital applications.

Sinan Kajtazi and friends:

Sinan Kajtazi - clarinette / saxo

Faton Kajtazi - keyboard

Nesim Maxhuni - drums

Enver Muhamedi - Bass guitar

Adorel Haxhiaj - Cello (Albania)

Korhan Gulderen – violin (Turkey)

Onur Ugurbas - Oud (Turkey)

Recording and Editing: Faton Kajtazi - VoxOn Recording Studio

Music arrangements: Drinor Zymberi

Mix and Mastering: Pro Sound Recording Studio

Artist's Media Player

Pertej Cover
  • Pertej
  • Instrumental, World
  • Sinan Kajtazi
  • 03/24/2015
  • Pertej
  1. Ra Faja Prej Fiku
  2. Ka Nje Mot E Gjysem Viti
  3. Vijne Vaporat
  4. Rroka Mandolinen
  5. Te Kam Dashte Dhe Te Dua (feat. Liridon Sadriu)...
  6. Hapi Syte E Zeze
  7. Hajde Ciko Sonte Per Darke...
  8. Me Ka Vra Dashnia Jote
  9. Hajredin Pasha
  10. Une Ty Moj Te Kam Dashte
  11. Qane Lulja Per Lulen