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Siren on the Moon

Siren on the Moon

Siren on the Moon is honored to announce that their new music video, for their song “Auf Wiedersehen- Goodbye! Can’t Live Without You,” is enjoying constant rotation on Music Box television, Bridge TV and Ru.song TV in Russia. They also recently guest starred in the pilot, The Chain, which featured “Auf Wiedersehen” on its soundtrack. In addition, a music video for “Make Our Way,” starring major Russian actors and rock musicians, will soon be released. Siren On The Moon will also be filming and unleashing track “Hero” in video format from the soundtrack of a upcoming major motion film starring Eric Roberts.

Formed in Los Angeles in 2012, Siren on the Moon showcases the creative collaboration between musical powerhouse Peri Pastor and the legendary Val Gaina. Their distinctive brand of song-driven, modern rock unites Pastor’s powerful and graceful singing style with Gaina’s blazing guitar work, all framed and enhanced by the alchemy and wizardry of Shad Wilhelm’s beat-solid drumming and Shaun Luera’s expressive bass.

Pastor, the “man of a thousand voices,” is a dynamic American vocalist, drummer and lyricist whose brave and versatile vocal style brings a unique, new voice to rock ‘n roll.

Gaina, a record-setting, rock guitar superstar, is best known for selling out arenas in his native Russia with his beloved band, KRUIZ enthralling audiences with their virtuosity and deeply poetic songs having sold over 12.5 Million albums.

“We both had a need to express ourselves musically and found that our creative ideas complemented each other in the most profound and original way,” says Pastor of his songwriting collaboration with Gaina. “Siren on the Moon narrates life’s deepest challenges while seducing you with melodic, compelling songs that just happen to blow your complacency straight to hell,” adds Gaina.

The forthcoming self-produced album of 13 songs will be released in November of 2014. The band’s official launch is set for January 2015 in Russia with a tour including radio appearances and live performances. By popular demand Siren On The Moon has released several chart-toppers that will be on the upcoming album available now at all major digital download stores and hardcopy CD through Amazon worldwide.

Pastor explains, “We tell our passionate stories in words and music, and each language plays off the other. Love, lust, anger, rebellion, loneliness… we all feel these things but the challenge is to turn these mighty emotions into poetry and at the same time celebrate this clanging machine that is life.”

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11:11 Cover
  • 11:11
  • Rock, Pop
  • Siren on the Moon
  • 05/01/2014
  • 11:11
  1. Smile
  2. Through the Fire
  3. Make Our Way
  4. Auf Wiedersehen- Goodbye! Can't Live Without You...
  5. Hero