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Studio Sjönmusik  SWEDEN

Studio Sjönmusik SWEDEN

These ALBUMS that appears on this page, is all different artists and different genre.

JAN SJÖNNEBY is a composer and arranger connected to UNIVERSAL PUBLISHING PRODUCTION MUSIC.


Most of the artwork is made by Jorma Naula GRAFISK DESIGN.

Three Love Ballads is the latest release on SJÖNMUSIK

composed and arranged for Katharina Frogner.

Artist's Media Player

Water -the Wonder We Share Cover
  • Water -the Wonder We Share
  • Pop, Vocal
  • Martin Redhe - Nord
  • 01/08/2009
  • Water -the Wonder We Share
Liner Notes: Martin Redhe - Nord is musical artist from Sweden. He is one of the singers at the vocaltrack on the film MAMA MIA that are succefully playing all over the world He was also a singer and danser when musical was performing in Stockholm year 2005-2007 2008 and 2009 he is performing in High School Musical in Sweden. This song comes from a poem, written by Rangwei Axelli translated to english by Mr David Hynes. The music is written by Jan Sjönneby and it was commissiond by Tällberg Foundation 2007 The recording is made in Sweden and Southafrica together with young students and children who lives in the streets.Nils Landgren perform as a trombone soloist on this recording.
  1. Water-the Wonder We Share
  2. Vattnets Sång
Wintersport Cover
  • Wintersport
  • Pop, Folk
  • Jan Sjönneby Orchestra
  • 02/05/2009
  • Wintersport
  1. Wintersport
Third Stone Cover
  • Third Stone
  • Rock
  • Third Stone
  • 02/18/2009
  • Third Stone
  1. Home With You
  2. Going Down
  3. Only Tomorrow
Three Love Ballades Cover
  • Three Love Ballades
  • Vocal
  • Kathyy
  • 02/17/2010
  • Three Love Ballades
Liner Notes:
  1. Home
  2. Torna A Surriento
  3. This Is Love