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Slow Ghost

Slow Ghost creates moody textured rock that explores dark subject matter. Started in 2003, Slow Ghost has collaborated with many. Cassette Tape Gallows & Cassette Tape Gala is a double album containing two separate experiences and released each with different packaging, album length, and song order. Slow Ghost recruited some great guests as album support. The list includes: the late experimental guitarist Josh Bouzard (Musiwaki Gosimuzen) with his last official studio work ever; Brian Morrison-Vibraphone (Protestant); Jackie Perez Gratz-Cello & Contrabass (Amber Asylum); Mike Schank-Guitar Phychedelia (American Movie) Recorded by Matt Behlen (Once A Sun, Shallow Ground) & Steven Krause (Leval Blessing, Bringing Down The Moon, Slow Ghost).