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Songs to Remember Project

Songs to Remember Project

The “Songs to Remember” series presents a collection of beautifully sung performances of great 20th century standards that are sophisticated, melodic, heartfelt and beautifully crafted.

With the help of internationally recognized music director and accompanist, David Brunetti, and award winning bassist Steve LaSpina both based in New York, vocalist Robert Bocchino presents a fresh look at memorable standards.

The recording and mixing was expertly executed by Frank Piazza at Audio Paint Studios in Manhattan. The album cover photograph is by Mickey Pantano.

Songs to Remember Cover
  • Songs to Remember
  • Vocal, Pop
  • Robert Bocchino
  • 04/12/2012
  • Songs to Remember
Liner Notes: "Beautifully sung performances of great American standards"…David Brunetti, Music Director, New York. "Sophisticated, Melodic, Heartfelt, Beautifully crafted"
  1. Just in Time
  2. Here's That Rainy Day
  3. You and I
  4. How About You?
  5. All the Things You Are
  6. The September of My Years
  7. Love Walked in
  8. Old Devil Moon
  9. Young and Foolish
  10. Time After Time
  11. Just One of Those Things
  12. As Time Goes By
  13. Begin the Beguine