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Island Def Jam Digital Distribution

Island Def Jam Digital Distribution

Directors: Kevin Daniels


Affiliation: Broadcast Music Inc,

Kevin started at the age of 14 singing for the provincial choir (Eastern Cape Youth Choir) experienced many things such as singing for the Deputy Mayor,NMMU Choir etc.at the age of 16 he received his E.P Colors he sang there for 3 years.He has won various awards for stage performances at school singing songs such as Michael Buble Sway,In Thee Arms Of An Angel,Can You Feel The Love Tonight & If Tomorrow Never Comes.At the age of 17 he started playing on Virtuel Decks Deck mixing style not only discovering the talent of mixing that can be improved also the love he had for house music and then he asked Soul Candi Instititute of Music Cape Town Courtesy of Boomerang & Soul Candi Media Group to teach him all the secret's he needs to go far in the music industry www.scim.co.za .February 2012 he started Soul Candi Module Dj 101 lectured by Blanka Mazimela and Soul Candi Modules Music Production & Technology lectured by Mike Kelly, SA's Premier Campus General Manager by Emile Oudejan Director Ryan margatroyd known as Crazy White Boy, since then he has taken all the knowledge and used it at his full potential creating a revolution of a talented educated artist combining the skill of a Producer,Dj & a Leading Vocalist. He has taken part in various competitions at www.insoulwetrust.com for the month of May.In May he released his first distribution deal owning his rights as a manufacturer @ Island Def Jam Digital Distribution. Soul Cafe is respected worldwide due to his high profile with respected works like Fly Away,4 Thousand Seconds, Deep House Chronicles and respectfully kn-owned album Candi for your Soul Mixed by Soul Cafe respected worldwide by Various companies popular album great success being taken down. Krizzy is respected worldwide and by the team due to his high profile releasing singles 2012 Island Def Jam Digital Distribution Instrumentals produced in the F minor scale harmonic Circles +- 12 Harmonic circles for each single released worldwide in the production mastered Sounds of the future (long lives the king) by krizzy & Renegade by Krizzy Instrumentals. Krizzy in 2013 collaborated with hip hop artist J-Roc So Fire released in July worldwide collaboration on Iphone itunes stores the ringtone is known as Renegade By Krizzy & J-Roc So Fire managed by Daniels Kevin SR affiliated with BMI. Krizzy has also mastered works produced by krizzy and mastered lyrics audio technology you can find these works on Coast 2 Coast mixtapes I Run This by Krizzy ft Birdman Ft lil wayne & Izzo Brooklyns Finest by Krizzy Ft. jay Z these works are currently registered by BMI where as such distribution department and Publisher Tunecore failed to assert rights for I Run This by Krizzy ft Birdman Ft lil wayne & Izzo Brooklyns Finest by Krizzy Ft. jay Z .My goal my dream I want to be a successful producer singer and songwriter be-ing managing companies like Island Def Jam Digital Distribution reaching perfection wining awards for creating good music & working with respected artist and developing and working with potential artists. My Future plans I would love to further my music knowledge working in studios, Contemporary stage performance working in the genre's Hip Hop,Dance,Latin, Contemporary Music I believe every genre can be Advanced with Music Theory with talented skills and also studies for the companies. I would love to study @ Berkley College of Music in Boston,MA, United States. Good music is good music so for the love of music we will hear what a exiting future the music industry will have!

Island Def Jam Digital Distribution

CEO and Managing Director · April 2014 to present

Radio Grahamstown

Presenter/DJ · In August 2013

Music Industry

DJing · In 2012


Professional Vocal Warm Up

Soul Candi Institute of Music Cape Town Soul Candi '2012 with Kevin Daniels

Through the specialized course and expert lecturers, we will provide Kevin with necessary skills to thrive in the highly competitive and dynamic audio visual industry. By supplementing textbook and other learning material with multimedia learning solution, we will pioneer a new era in Kevin's orientated learning, and re-invent the way in which AV artistry is taught and understood. We will always ensure that Kevin's learning material and facilities has evolve at the same pace as the latest advancements in audio-visual technology. We understand that Kevin is at the heart of the institution, and accordingly every function within our organization is aimed towards satisfying the students needs. We maintain a strong social awareness and pride our commitment to community development

Dj 101 with Kevin Daniels

Looking at turntables,laptops and beyond the array of technology. In this exciting world where hardware and software meets Kevin combining to meet human ingenuity we offer the most up to date training. A great Dj like Kevin possess the trained and perfected skills required to create genre bending and dance floor-shattering performances that is the perfect representation that Kevin presents. Our Dj facilities are a tribute to both classic, vintage, and are fascinated by Kevin's perfected style of classic that has de-fined the history of the profession a true talented superstar. Sticking with the revolution appeal of our institution we also include a glimpse into the technologies that has shaped his future of what it means to be a DJ in the fast growing talent in which Kevin holds the modern music industry. We shaped Kevin by working on the root's growing the fast pace of Advanced Harmonic mixing & Music Theory as his media developed all around South Africa,Africa and internationally.

Advanced Music Production with Kevin Daniels Khavakhava Crazy-white Boy Tonykid and Mike Kelly

We introduced Kevin to the exciting world of music production with a strong focus on harmonics and music theory, as well as the advanced level of synthesis,arrangement and effects processing. The ultimate conclusion of this course is helping Kevin to obtain the necessary skills to produce an international award winning composition, in the technical aspect of Music Production & Technology. We often considered the course as a black art, modern music production encompasses skills as broad as composition, sound design, synthesis, recording and post production. From Dance floor to professional film score, the career options are ever changing. Our approach to music production education can only be described as revolutionary, integrating music theory, multimedia learning content and an array of skills and techniques never taught on the african continent.

New Apostolic Church Grahamstown "2014 with Kevin Daniels

Duet with Kevin Daniels,Yoshni Jattiem

Kevin Daniels Possesses outstanding singing technical ability to sing a Duet singing performance cultivated of artistic excellence

Solo singer with Kevin Daniels

Kevin Daniels Possesses outstanding singing technical ability to sing a solo singing performance cultivated of artistic excellence

New Apostolic Church Choir Central Cape Town "2012 with Kevin Daniels

The part of a church used by such a company of singers.

1st Tenor with Kevin Daniels

Tenor a type of classical male singing voice with a vocal range that is one of the highest of the male voice's and can reach beyond 3 Octaves this case kevin can sing high in natural tenor D range and beyond two 3 octaves in a f-setho..e kevin can sing with f-setho.

Solo Tenor with Kevin Daniels

Various performance's by Kevin a single singer in a tenor category with a choir.

Eastern Cape Youth Choir '2010 with Kevin Daniels

Alto with Kevin Daniels, Amanda Venter Du Plessis

Alto with Kevin Daniels(or contralto). Toni Braxton is an alto although it is similar to Kevin he can go much lower and high.

1st Tenor with Kevin Daniels,Amanda Venter Du Plessis

Tenor a type of classical male singing voice with a vocal range that is one of the highest of the male voice's and can reach beyond 3 Octaves this case kevin can sing high in natural tenor D range and beyond two 3 octaves in a f-setho..

New Apostolic Church Apostle Area Choir 2004 with Kevin Daniels

The Apostle Area childrens choir was established in the Apostle Area, with the purpose to assist with various projects in the area such as to perform at churches in the Apostle area Churches for guest, chorals and community churches with in the Apostle area.

Duet Alto with Kevin Daniels,Angus Blaauw

A Duet performance by two singers in a alto category with a choir.














Artist's Media Player

Queen Elizabeth II Symphony No.1 Cover
  • Queen Elizabeth II Symphony No.1
  • Instrumental, New Age
  • Soul Cafe & World Philharmonic Orchestra
  • 05/01/2016
  1. The Angel of Love
  2. Buckingham Palace
  3. Alice in Wonderland
  4. Western Music Story
  5. Beethoven
  6. Windy City
  7. Walk to Remember
  8. The Royal Family
  9. The Royal Messiah
  10. Windsor Castle
  11. Happy Days
  12. London Night's
  13. Piano King