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Sound Adventures

Sound Adventures

For over 10 years, Sound Adventures has been providing ground-breaking music, sound design, and production services to a worldwide client base.  Through our facilities in Los Angeles and Zurich, we've given our clients Hollywood’s A-list-level film scoring, studio and stage musicians, plus the industry’s top audio engineers, technicians and sound designers-- plus the Vienna Symphonic and the Vienna Boys Choir. With this roster of talent, Sound Adventures has become the secret weapon of motion picture companies, television networks, ad agencies, theme parks, trailer houses and special event coordinators.

Now, we're poised to turn the music library world upside down with the introduction of the Sound Adventures Music Library-- a new paradigm in production music thinking.

Our plan is to take our high-end production music, created in the full spectrum of cinematic styles and across many genres, with intense sound design and full orchestral underscore, and make it available organized according thematically.  Post-production teams will find it easier than ever before to achieve cohesiveness when creating underscores for their projects.

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Cinematic Identity Cover
  • Cinematic Identity
  • Soundtrack
  • Sound Adventures
  • 04/01/2011
  • Cinematic Identity
Liner Notes:
  1. City Jungle
  2. Arming The Soldiers
  3. Approaching
  4. Bulletproof
  5. Watching The Snow
  6. Agent 00x
  7. Bourne
  8. Celluloid
  9. Night Flight
  10. Carambolage
  11. Gotham
  12. Night Intruders
  13. Bazar Chase
  14. Remember
Mystical Phenomena Cover
  • Mystical Phenomena
  • Soundtrack
  • Sound Adventures
  • 04/02/2011
  • Mystical Phenomena
Liner Notes:
  1. A Desolate Place
  2. No Signs Of Life
  3. Hope After All
  4. We Will Free Them
  5. They Took The Children
  6. Lost On A Strange Planet
  7. Destroyed Innocence
  8. Floating Through Time
  9. Evil Machines
  10. Darkness Marching
  11. The Landing
  12. Hope In Defeat
  13. Mephistophelian Joy
  14. Stonehenge
  15. Druid Song
  16. Celtic Myst
  17. The Sea Maiden
  18. An Army Of A Million
  19. The Treasure Room
  20. Son Of Akhenaten
  21. Kingdom In the Trees
  22. Middle Earth
  23. Elven Pantheon
  24. Star Shine
  25. Sacred Warrior
  26. Sacred Warrior Trailer
  27. Power Theme
Cinema Tech Cover
  • Cinema Tech
  • Electronic, Soundtrack
  • Sound Adventures
  • 04/04/2011
  • Cinema Tech
Liner Notes:
  1. Bodies Everywhere
  2. Intensive Care
  3. Beasts And Cherubs
  4. Terrorists
  5. Barren Vista
  6. Securing The Parameter
  7. Prison Pain
  8. The Gathering
  9. They're Out There
  10. We're Going In
  11. Is It Haunted?
  12. Free Again
  13. Alone Forever
  14. Scouting The Dark
  15. Lonely Groove
  16. Taking Them Hostage
  17. Nuclear Mayday
  18. Digital Hell
  19. The River
  20. Strange Family
  21. Beasts And Cherubs Stutter Mix...
Epic Trailers Cover
  • Epic Trailers
  • Soundtrack
  • Sound Adventures
  • 04/04/2011
  • Epic Trailers
Liner Notes:
  1. Magnificent Journey
  2. Pirates
  3. Columbus's Crossing
  4. After The Escape
  5. Dance Of The Dead
  6. Knights In Shining Armor
  7. Battle Stations
  8. Amityville Haunting
  9. Death March
  10. Midnight Massacre
  11. Aerial Combat
  12. Soweto Celebration
  13. The Greatest Race
  14. The Arrival
  15. Top Gun
  16. Handing Over The Flag
  17. In Pursuit