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Sounds of Texas

Sounds of Texas specializes in providing Internet related services for artists of all genres at affordable rates.

Web site design, web hosting, recording, mixing, mastering, production and online distribution make up parts of the Sounds of Texas experience.

What are you waiting for - contact us - we'll get you up-and-running in no time and our service doesn't stop then ..... that's our promise.

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Sawdust Cover
  • Sawdust
  • Country
  • Todd Fritsch
  • 04/17/2007
  • Sawdust
Liner Notes: Producer: Doug Deforest Head Mix Engineer: Warren Peterson Tracking Engineers: Jon Raney, Doug Deforest, Ian Driesel, Greg Roller and Mel Eubanks Music recorded at Raney Recording Studios (Drasco, AR) and Caravell Studios (Branson, MO) Vocals, background vocals and mixed at Lake Paradise Studios (Cherokee Village, AR) Additional recordings done at: Westwood Studios (Nashville, TN), South Sharp Country Kitchen (Strawberry, AR), Travis Troy Studio (Nashville, TN), Paul Chris Studio (Houston, TX) Musicians: Doug Deforest - bass Tim Crouch - fiddle, mandolin, acoustic guitar, banjo Robby Springfield - electric guitar, steel guitar, dobro R.P.Harrell - keyboards Mike Kennedy - drums, percussion Additional Musicians: Andy Rees - electric guitar Joe Bob Barnhill - acoustic guitar Andrew Frye - piano Allen Huff - accordion, piano Travis Troy - dobro Dennis Wage - Hammond B3 Background Vocals - Doug Deforest, Amy Driesel, Billy Joe French, Sarah Jo Roark, Chuck Young, Joe Young Cover Photo: Melissa Webb
  1. What's Wrong With Me
  2. The Rock
  3. No Part Of
  4. All That's Left Is You
  5. So This Is Love
  6. Guilty Conscience
  7. If You Don't Like Country (Time To Leave)...
  8. Life's A Circle
  9. Texas Talkin'
  10. Five Mornings Down
  11. Honky Tonk Talk
  12. Tequila Tells
  13. Tables
  14. A Walk To Remember
  15. Every Honky Tonkin' Hero (Has His Day)...
  16. First Date (For The Last Time)...
  17. Little Joe The Wrangler
Todd Fritsch Cover
  • Todd Fritsch
  • Country
  • Todd Fritsch
  • 05/15/2005
  • Todd Fritsch
Liner Notes: Produced by Doug Deforest for Route 66 Productions Recorded at Raney Recording Studios (Drasco, AR), Lake Paradise Studios (Cherokee Village, AR) and Greg Perkins Productions (Nashville, TN) Tracking Engineers: Jon Raney & Doug Deforest Mixed at Cowboy's Hideaway (Nashville, TN), The Funhouse (Nashville, TN) and Raney Recording Studios (Drasco, AR) Mix Engineers: Warren Peterson, Jon Raney & Doug Deforest Musicians: Doug Deforest - electric bass, upright bass Robby Springfield - electric guitar, steel guitar, gut string guitar Tim Crouch - acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle Mike Kennedy - drums, percussion Allen Huff - piano, accordion Andrew Frye - piano on "First Date (For The Last Time)" R.P.Harrell - piano on "Small Town Radio" Background Vocals: Doug Deforest, Kim Parent, Rick West and Amy Driesel Cover Photo: Melissa Webb
  1. I Got Mexico
  2. Small Town Radio
  3. I Don't Live Here Anymore
  4. Memory Do Your Thing
  5. You Know I Would
  6. Dancin' In The Rain
  7. Bob Wills Song
  8. Corpus Christi Callin'
  9. Friends Behind Bars
  10. First Date (For The Last Time)...
  11. Walk Softly On The Bridges...
  12. Cowboy Legacy
American Cowboy Cover
  • American Cowboy
  • Country
  • Todd Fritsch
  • 11/15/2007
  • American Cowboy
Liner Notes: 1.) Colorado Blue (Russ Roberts, ASCAP / James P.Johnson, BMI) 2.) Restless Young Heart (Russ Roberts, ASCAP / James P.Johnson, BMI) 3.) The Cowboy Song (Roy Robertson, ASCAP) 4.) In A Country Song (A.L.Owens, BMI / Russ Roberts, ASCAP / Christi Spear, BMI) 5.) Faith Ain't Faith (Eddie Cunningham / Wendy Waldman) 6.) Why (Eddie Cunningham / Wendy Waldman) Musicians: Allen Huff - Piano Doug Driesel - Bass Robby Springfield - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar Joe DeLeon - Drums Roger Cochron - Fiddle Steve Nicoasia - Acoustic Guitar & Classical Guitar on The Cowboy Song Don Westmoreland - Engineer Darius Brisco - Producer Sandra Holland - Photos Recorded at Limelight Studios, Dickinson TX
  1. Colorado Blue
  2. Restless Young Heart
  3. The Cowboy Song
  4. In a Country Song
  5. Faith Ain't Faith
  6. Why
Simple Things Cover
  • Simple Things
  • Country
  • Todd Fritsch
  • 11/15/2007
  • Simple Things
Liner Notes: 1.) She Had A Great Summer (Shane McCauley / Randy Norton) ASCAP/BMI 2.) Love Became A Memory (Russ Roberts) ASCAP 3.) Night Man (Eddie Cunningham / A.L.Owens) BMI 4.) In A Perfect World (Russ Roberts) ASCAP 5.) Man Of The Family (Clint Bullard / Adam Hughes) ASCAP 6.) The Edges Of Texas (A.L.Owens / Christi Spear / Russ Roberts) ASCAP/BMI 7.) Simple Things (Eddie Cunningham / Jeffrey Steele) BMI 8.) She Rocked My Boat (Russ Roberts / Royal Wade Kimes) ASCAP 9.) Easy Way About Her (Russ Roberts) ASCAP 10.) I Don't Know (Todd Fritsch) BMI Musicians: Kenny Jackson - Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro & Harmony Vocals Ted Turner - Drums, Harmony Vocals Kenny King - Bass Allen Huff - Piano Kevin Carter - Fiddle Sandra Stevens - Photos Recorded at RT Studio, New Caney TX Owner: Roy Mullins Engineer: Kenny Jackson Producer: Todd Fritsch & Kenny Jackson
  1. She Had a Great Summer (And I've Had Quite a Fall)...
  2. Love Became a Memory
  3. Night Man
  4. In a Perfect World
  5. Man of the Family
  6. The Edges of Texas
  7. Simple Things
  8. She Rocked My Boat
  9. Easy Way About Her
  10. I Don't Know