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Steve Horrocks

Old school rock.

Oily Boys Cover
  • Oily Boys
  • Rock, Rock
  • Steve Horrocks
  • 01/26/2008
  • Oily Boys
Liner Notes: The Oily Boys formed in Salt Lake City, Utah in the early 1980's not long after the demise of Zippers (another local Salt Lake City band) almost as a dare between consenting musicians to enter a local Battle of the Bands. Steve Horrocks (guitar, vocals), Kevin Freebairn (drums), Brent Shafer (bass, vocals) and Floyd Maestas (guitar) joined forces to work on Steve's original tunes and to also come up with some unique (garage wave?) versions of some old cover tunes. Over the next few years different bass players came and went (Randy Leake, Randy Young, and Dennis Thornton), but the core of the band remained the same. All tunes in this collection were written by Steve Horrocks, with the exception of Takin' the Night Off which was co-written with Floyd Maestas. The Oily Boys tied for third place in that fateful Battle of the Bands which meant a trip to the recording studio to record a song of their choice for the album resulting from the battle. Wise boys that they were - they talked the recording engineer into staying and letting them plow through as many songs as they could in a 24 hour period. The songs were never given a final mix, but the raw, unpolished tracks are still worth listening to. Some of these songs were recorded during live public performances, some were recorded using a Teac 4-track in Kevin's parent's basement, and a few were actually recorded at Audio Vision Studios in Linden, Utah during the session mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, they do a pretty good job of presenting the raw, uncomplicated beauty of the band. Enjoy - and dance as needed! -Steve Horrocks (Feb. 2008)
  1. Dance!
  2. Ground Zero
  3. I'm Not Your Man
  4. Mile After Mile
  5. Monsters
  6. Don't Cut the Phone Line
  7. Software
  8. Taking the Night Off
  9. All Your Problems
  10. Playing In the Fallout
  11. Big Hair
  12. Who Told You
Zippers Cover
  • Zippers
  • Rock, Rock
  • Steve Horrocks
  • 01/28/2008
  • Zippers
Liner Notes: In the 1981 timeframe, a group of strong musicians from a variety of different Salt Lake City, Utah rock bands joined forces to form Zippers. Chuck Richardson (drums, vocals), Steve Horrocks (guitar, vocals), Brent Shafer (bass, vocals), Tom Ivers (guitar, keyboards, vocals), all strong writers and seasoned veterans joined Floyd Maestas (guitar) for what was a short-lived, but rather interesting local band. Zippers earned its beer bar/dance club following during the post punk/new wave era with intelligent tunes from each of the bands' writers. A couple of devout fans introduced the band to some local investors who financed an album project, but sadly, the band grew apart after the recording and album artwork was completed - but before the album was ever released. After prolonged contract negotiations the band gave up on the project as the contract with the investors made no sense given the uncertain future of the band. Here is a small sampling of Zippers songs authored by Steve Horrocks. Some recorded live at rehersal in Floyd's basement, others recorded during live performances, and others from a studio cassette of the final album mix. Where are each of the band members today? You'd never believe it. Enjoy! -Steve Horrocks (Feb. 2008)
  1. Dmz
  2. Doesn't Have To Be
  3. Sunny Beaches
  4. Take Your Heart
  5. Too Hip