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Steven Marque

Steven Marque, the Lead Singer of The Stevenmarque Society and The Lords of the New Church; and now international solo recording artist co-produces IN THE FLESH with the artist, composer and sound-engineer, Damien Veen. All song lyrics and production information may be found on the available digi-booklet.

- Lyrics written and all songs performed by Steven Marque.

- Music composed and performed by Damien Veen.

IN THE FLESH is a new hybrid industrial, gothic, metal and darkwave sound with the signature literacy and power of Steven Marque.

As a ground-breaking electro-metal effort, this album promises to garner enormous international attention for it's uniue character.

IN THE FLESH Album is registered to ASCAP/SACEM worldwide.

Produced by TOMBAK™ & Steven Marque® Music copyrighted 2008.

"A fetish gothic tone, maturated to the revival of the flourishing 19th European century. A dandy, romantic wave found in overall intellectual circles being turned to spiritism, oriental philosophies and vampyre theatricals, giving birth to the modern architectures and cabaret. Steven Marque enlightens us back to the influence of novelist Joris-Karl Huysmans and his main character : des Esseintes...

"To prompt the imagination of listener or viewer though these stages is to awaken the universal poetic genius which I believe is in us all."

- Steven Marque -

"Il s'apercevait enfin que les raisonnements du pessimisme étaient impuissants à le soulager, que l'impossible croyance en une vie future serait seule apaisante."

"A Rebours" -Joris-Karl Huysmans