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Sunchild    / These Mountains

Sunchild / These Mountains

Very pure, rich, organic, evolved folk music.

Written and arranged by singer/songwriter David Curtin, who composes his second coming of his self-produced Sunchild. With a nylon string acoustic guitar and a soft, warm voice, inherited from his mother, who herself has filled sunday churches with her angelic voice, David is accompanied by an array of masterful instrumentation.

Filled with haunting cello melodies throughout as well as violins, trombone, flute, female backup and harmony vocals, upright bass and drums.

Sunchild These Mountains

David Curtin-voice and guitar

Elizabeth Olson- cello

Tracy Epperson- bass

Keny Ruyter- drums

Sarah Wolff- voice and flute

Colin Mccormick- trombone

Susan and Emily Hsu- violins

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