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Suonatori Mediterranei Taormina

Suonatori Mediterranei Taormina

Welcome! You are on Suonatori Mediterranei, The group Suonatori Mediterranei was born few years ago thanks to Giuseppe Torrisi , Gianni D’amico, and their strong passion for the Mediterranean music. Their work is a mix between Sicilian music and Neapolitan too, and it includes the different experiences, who both of the musician has make, with others stiles: fusion, jazz, blues and folk. This beautiful mix is a modern interpretation of cultural tradition and traditional music of Italy Listening the songs of the group Suonatori Mediterranei, means go back over history of Sicilian culture. All their songs are also full of the fascinating rhythm of Neapolitan Tarantella. You will discover the charming of Italian musical traditions, and you will feel the magical background of Taormina, the “Pearl on the Ionic cost" where you will see every day the duet exhibition. On Miland, after many different experiences with local Sicilian and Neapolitan group, born this characteristic duet. Giuseppe and Gianni’ adventure starts in the street, with a camper van all around the European countries, and the success comes immediately. The Mediterranean, musical roots are always evident in the sonority, the culture and the popular tradition are mixed with modern sounds, and the more special thing is that all the instruments are made by Gianni and Giuseppe. The Tamorra is an acoustic instrument to play not by hand but by foot. The Chitarmando is an instrument with a double handle of guitar and mandolino. Giuseppe and Gianni are really creative, and are also good tailors, they use to make by theme self the show’s dresses to make their exhibition more spectacular. Giuseppe Torrisi is a Tamorra player, he is the Guitar and the Voice too, he usually wear a Spanish dress, because his mother roots; Gianni D’Amico is a Mandolino player, but he is also able to play Guitar and Chiarmando , he wear the traditional south Italian costume the Pulcinella. The first album of the group ”Suonatori mediterranei” was called “Canzoni a parte ... nopei”, it was produced by the same group. Nirav, a great percussion player, and a big friend of Gianni and Giuseppe, has put him record studio, “Musicomio”, at disposal, and played many of the album’s songs around the street. On that way he had sell something about 35.000 of copies. It was a really big success, and not only with the public, the songs were introduced in many different place in Miland. When the local television starts to be interested in their special music, also the National one comes to make interviews with Giuseppe and Gianni: Costume e societa di Rai Due that is a television program specialized in society; TG4, the television news of Italian channel 4, and finally Rai Tre Lombardia, a national television that have a differentiated planning for local news. One year late, the group “Suonatori Mediterranei” is again in the record studio, for the second album “Tarantango”. The music of this duet can be considered “Ethnic pop”, a remarkable attempt of mixing Sicilian dances style, gypsy rumba rhythm and Neapolitan tarantella, everything to show you how magical the Mediterranean exclusive atmosphere is.

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Grazie Italia Cover
  • Grazie Italia
  • Folk, Pop
  • Suonatori Mediterranei
  • 04/04/2008
  • Grazie Italia
Liner Notes: Thanks Mister Volare. Without your wonderful songs and without your positive, the Italy would more poor. Thanks Naples. Without your timeless melodies and without your poetry. Italy is the only peninsula. Thanks Taormina. Without you, we just emigrants around the world, thanks to you, we found, our island, our pearl. Thanks Italy. Without your light and your hope, the world would more dark. Thanks Giuseppe and Gianni. Mandolin and guitar. From Taormina,Sicily,Italy
  1. A Luna Ammenzu O Mari
  2. Si Maritau Rosa
  3. Amara Terra Mia
  4. Caravan Petrol
  5. That's Amore
  6. Ciao Ciao Bambina
  7. Volare
  8. O Sole Mio
  9. Marina
  10. E Vui Durmiti Ancora
  11. Godfather(il Padrino)
  12. Funiculi Funicula'
  13. O Cafe'
  14. A Tazza E Cafe'