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The DoGs LA/Detroit Rock

The DoGs LA/Detroit Rock

"HYPERSENSITIVE," the long-awaited new release by THE DOGS that coincides with selfsame video release as of January 2012. To note its repertoire includes strong Dogs' classics old and new understates feloniously. Next video to be shot by their stalwart video genius Salvatore Sebergandio comes "What Goes In Quiet Comes Out Loud," a spankin' fresh newie. One of them however, "Beatin' The Floor" was the very first song ever written by Dogs' singer/songwriter/guitarist LOREN MOLINARE, although its driving rock sounds as fully formed as the adult Venus rising on the halfshell in Botticelli's masterpiece painting of her birth. And "Beatin' " would date from...1967. As do THE DOGS, add a year for name and personnel changes. In the Detroit/Ann Arbor/Lansing nexus THE DOGS rocked hard, fast and precise (energy-maniacs onstage they may have been, their proficiency as teens cast them practically as rock prodigies) with their own original songs from the get-go. They opened for the likes of MC5, Stooges, Amboy Dukes with Ted Nugent, SRC etc. etc. etc. throughout the late '60s/early '70s as commemorated in "HYPERSENSITIVE's" "Motor City Fever" a real knock-out dating from the same era as the bands it name-checks in one of this band's most powerfully riffed songs ever.

In the later '70s THE DOGS moved to NYC opening for Kiss, The Stilettos (proto-Blondie,) Television and all manner of punks watchful of THE DOGS' pared-down but hardcore Detroit rock performed in their own torn jeans and leather jackets ("Our normal street clothes because," laughs bassist MARY KAY, "we couldn't afford stage clothes.") Relocation to Hollywood mid-decade would find them opening for AC/DC, Van Halen, Y+T and The Motels. The mighty "Slash Your Face 2012" bonus track on the cd dates from this golden age of punks, with the original finding distribution by their self-inaugurated Detroit Records circa 1978. The '80s and then newly-recruited and present drummer TONY MATTEUCCI found THE DOGS fomenting songs like "Nothing Lasts 4 Ever" as included on "HYPERSENSITIVE."


Hypersensitive Cover
  • Hypersensitive
  • Rock, Alternative
  • The Dogs
  • 12/25/2011
  • Hypersensitive
Liner Notes: The DoGs Mary Kay-Bass + Vocals Tony Matteucci Drums + Percusssion +B Vocals Loren Molinare Lead Vocals + Guitars Produced by The DoGs Engineered and Co-Produced by Paul Hilton Recorded at Platinum Studios-Van Nuys, CA Dec 2010-Oct 2011 Mastered by Bob Lanzner-Technovoice Mastering-Studio City, CA Cover Photo+Inside Photos Heather Harris Art Direction; Al Forno Executive Producer: John Lindemann Special Thanks! Mario Escovedo-Requiem Management -Blackstar Amps-Mike Hudson-Gary & Sue Phelps-Bermuda Mohawk Productions-Kim Maki-Heather Harris -Salvatore Sebergandio/ SJS Productions-Evita Corby-Detroit Jack-Julie Molinare and the boys-Scott Banister-Marsh Gooch-Ron Wood-Redwood Bar + Grill LA, CA, Lance Dodson, Dean Dryer, The late great Ida Matteucci. The song“In on the out” in memory of John Domanski, Mike Shelton and Ron Ashton. Very special thanks to all the DoGs fans all over the world. Enjoy this piece of rock and rol and crank it uP LOUD! LoRen Molinare Oct 22 2011
  1. I Got Nothing
  2. Her Name Was Jane
  3. What Goes In Quiet Comes Out Loud...
  4. Hypersensitive
  5. Good Time Girls
  6. In On The Out
  7. Punk Rock Holiday!
  8. Beatin the Floor
  9. Nothing Lasts 4 Ever!
  10. Motor City Fever
  11. You Can't Catch Me