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Mr. Rock and Roll; Christmas Time With The Lucky Cupids; Tiger Man; Love Me Tender; Kings of Swingin' Lounge Style; Rockabilly Party; Rockabilly Fever; TLC Tribute to The Beatles-Run for Your Life; Glamour Girls Loves The Lucky Cupids; Pride Dan-Comes The Day; Legende with Aleksander Mežek


Rockabilly; Lounge; Swing; Jump Blues; DooWop; Country; Blues; Jazz; Boogie Woogie; Jive; 50's Rock'N'roll; Bop; Gospel; Surf-Instrumental; Mambo; Tango

The Lucky Cupis MEMBERS:

Andrej Rudolf-vocal & rhythm guitar; Matevž Carnelutti-lead guitar; Dejan Ahtik-drums; Iztok Rubin-double slap bass




Slovenian group The Lucky Cupids was formed in 1994 by frontmen - singer Andrej Rudolf.

They recently celebrated their 15th Anniversary.

But we must go on the beginning of the story of this realy first Balkan swingin’rockabilly band who made a record with specific slap bass.

When young Andrej started with rockabilly, you know what I mean, dress like in the 50’s, hairstyle like young Elvis, heroes like Jimmy Dean, Monty Clifft, Marlon Brando, collected vinyl 45’s; in the middle of 80’s he just started studying on college and there was no one around him like that.

In that time there was no rockabilly bands here in Slovenia, no rockabilly parties, and it was really hard to find a person who drove 50’s style. So, Andrej was in that time a very strange kid for Slovenian people. They knowed him and surprised people where ever he went. His name was always... hm Elvis, yeah Elvis.

You must know something that Slovenia was in that time still under Yugoslavia and country settlement was a socialism; no american cars, no bikers, everything was a little bit poorest.

In spite of all that, Andrej founded some guys who knew what rockabilly is. The first thing was Elvis, Stray Cats, Johnny Burnette Trio, Bill Haley, Shakin Stevens was very popular in that time in Europe. So Andrej decided that he wanted to sing. His first inspiration was definitly singers like Elvis, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochrane, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette, after a few time Stray Cats; he always liked very good vocalists. In the mid time he learned some chords on acoustic guitar just for walking with his voice. He was very shiny boy with only a few friends, his guitar was the best friend at that time. After the college he went to Yugoslav army in Bosnia for one year, and that time there, he tasted what is singin’ on stage with a band. He loved that feelin’ from the very beginning, and all of the guys always told him that he sings very good.

After the army; during lookin’ for the band Andrej was a D.J. on many rockabilly parties. By the way his archives of CD’s, vinyl, 45’s was a realy big and rich. You find everything; like music in era before the 2’nd world war till neo rockabilly records. Eh...a few thousand records of 50's rockabilly, swing, western swing, doo wop. rhythm & blues, surf, jump blues, tiki pop, lounge, gospel,….

But a year after Slovenian war, Andrej founded 3 guys who wanted to play rockabilly with him.

Andrej had to drive on practice place about 120 km at least twice a week with his big blue Ford 66, yeah baby that’ s rock’n’roll.

The first rockabilly band that he created was composed by Tomaž Dulmin(drums), Andrej Jasenc(electric guitar), Iztok Rubin(bass) and himself. In that time there was no double bass player here in Slovenia who wanted to play that kind of music. Andrej decided that this band must have a big dog bass, so he knew some guy(Ivan Jakob) who played in philharmonic orchestra on bass...., after a little time Iztok Rubin was a very new and the only one big dog bass player in Slovenia. Iztok learned slapp bass technique in a very short time. But in a very short time solo electric guitarist Marko Pirsič - Grof replaced Andrej Jasenc, so that was the year 1994. First they took some covers of The Stray Cats, some early Elvis stuff...; Marko was a realy hot guitarist, before that band he played everykind of styles, but no rockabilly.

Andrej and his voice and energy inspired all guys around him. The public and medium was indicated just like slovenian Stray Cats, which is for that time a very good critics for a young band.

Andrej didn’t like sugar style rockabilly, he wanted to do ruff thinghs; yeah with balls. There were several times that journalists compared Andrej’s voice with Elvis; he wasn’t just one of the imitators, he sings in style like Elvis in trully way, without any murmuring, you know what I mean like Elvis in the 70’s, he sings easy and naturaly, unobtrusive, you must here it live, even you don’t like 50’s, after that you change your mind.

In the years between 1995 and 2003 there was several changes in the band, but I must say that the style of music was in the same way line.

This are guys who also played in The Lucky Cupids: Gorazd Zbačnik(drums), Grega Samar(drums), Gašper Bertoncelj(drums), Grega Usenik(drums), Anže Žurbi(drums), Benjamin Pirnat(double bass), Ivan Bečan(solo guitar), Jernej Zoran(solo guitar), Matej Mršnik(solo guitar), Aleš Kolar (slap bass).

Andrej always wanted in the band guys who’s a realy good musicians, better than just bein’ rockabillies.

In the begining of 1996 was their first musical project Legende; a musical collaboration with very known Anglo-Slovenian singer Aleksander Mezek,( a very good friend of the Sir Cliff Richard). On this album The Lucky Cupids just played the music under the voice of Alex, and there is one duet with Andrej. All the songs were covers of very popular easy rockabilly numbers of the 50’s, translated on slovenian language. That record wasn’t their style of music.

Andrej decided very quickly to do some own stuff, he always wanted to do something special, not just covers. His choice in rude case was something between The Stray Cats, young Elvis, Chris Isaak(songs like Blue Hotel), Dean Martin or Sinatra style...mixed gently and ruff, but everything with his own style. He thinks that every artists, no matter where he is, he must put something like root of that country where he's born, maybe songs in their language, even if this is rockabilly or swing.

In the middle of 1999 they were finishing recording of their first own material for album Pride dan (Nika Records-Warner), so most of the songs, recorded mainly

in Slovenian language and writted by Andrej Rudolf. They recorded in Kif Kif studio in Ljubljana with producer Aleš Dvoržak and Andrej.

The CD Pride dan (Nika Records) distribute for the world outside Slovenia by Nervous label.

Roy Williams (Nervous Records) wrote about this album:

"Really good Eurobilly from Slovenia, with excellent production, loads of

oomph and that 'sweeping' guitar sound. Mostly sung in Slovene, but don't

let that put you off. This is an excellent CD from The Lucky Cupids", with

some nice melodic, catchy songs. The languange takes some getting used to,

but the music and production are very professional; think of Mac Curtis on

King Elvis meets Joe Meek!

Great production, great vocal, good choice of covers and beautiful solo

guitar I only heard by Stray Cats. You know what I mean. It's nice, a bit

clear and warm guitar sound. These guys are great musicians and they know

how to create the 50s sphere.

I strongly recommend this CD to everybody - not only for rockabilly lovers.

In the beginnin’ of 2001 The Lucky Cupids recorded 3 covers of The Beatles (for 20 aniversery of dead of John Lennon) in rockabilly style on slovenian language.

This is various artists record called Vesolja Dlan.

But in the late autumn 2001 The Lucky Cupids recorded own song Ne verjamem in se slepim + instrumental part of that song writted by Andrej.

Now; their style basic on the 50's style rockabilly music, mixed with a bit of swing, surf, and uptempo rhythm & blues, fast blues and country & western or maybe even western swing.

With their temperamental live program the group drives the crowds crazy on concerts all over Slovenia and outside!


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Artist Country State City Venue Date
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia Nova Gorica Casino Jolly ... Ajševica 53 Oct 10, 2009
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia Ljubljana Zlata Ribica; Ribji trg 2; Ljubljana - Centre Dec 04, 2009
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia Ljubljana Zlata Ribica; Ribji trg 2; Ljubljana - Centre Dec 05, 2009
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia Ljubljana Zlata Ribica; Ribji trg 2; Ljubljana - Centre Dec 10, 2009
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia Ljubljana Zlata Ribica; Ribji trg 2; Ljubljana - Centre Dec 11, 2009
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia Ljubljana Zlata Ribica; Ribji trg 2; Ljubljana - Centre Dec 12, 2009
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia Ljubljana BACHUS CENTER ... LOUNGE CLUB - Ljubljana Dec 17, 2009
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia Ljubljana Zlata Ribica; Ribji trg 2; Ljubljana - Centre Dec 18, 2009
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia 6281 Spodnje Škofije Saloon Norbedo ... Spodnje Škofije 18a Dec 19, 2009
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia Ljubljana Zlata Ribica; Ribji trg 2; Ljubljana - Centre Dec 24, 2009
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia Ljubljana Zlata Ribica; Ribji trg 2; Ljubljana - Centre Dec 25, 2009
The Lucky Cupids Slovenia Ljubljana Zlata Ribica; Ribji trg 2; Ljubljana - Centre Dec 26, 2009