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The Metric Mile

The Metric Mile combine the wistful melodicism of bands like the Field Mice, the Wake, and Felt with a measured dose of modern technology.  The principle members, Jeff Ciprioni and Patrick Smith, met and formed a band called the Small Scores at a small Minnesota college in the late 1990's.

Both finding themselves in New York in late 2002, they reconvened under the new track-and-field inspired moniker and began to build songs from the rough cassette demos they had continued to trade through the mail. Early live shows featured Patrick on keyboards and Jeff on guitar and vocals, supported by the tick of the steadfast Max2000 drum machine, later replaced by an on-stage iPod. In April, 2004, the band self-released the limited-run How to Beat the SAT EP, which was soon picked up by Alistair Fitchett's I Wish I Was Unpopular label as a handsomely packaged 3" CD.

Although attempts to record a full length album were scuttled at least twice, the band continued sporadic live appearances, including support slots for the two final Trembling Blue Stars shows in the Fall of 2005. Peggy Wang joined the live line-up, providing additional guitar and melodica. As a trio, the band composed an instrumental electronic soundtrack for a modern dance piece called An Outer Space Project, which they performed live at the premiere.

In 2007, Jeff joined and toured the U.S. with My Teenage Stride, and Peggy's other band, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, began to take off. The Metric Mile went on an unofficial hiatus. After appearing on the song "Ears Like Golden Bats" and the Lesser Demons EP, Jeff left My Teenage Stride in August, 2008.

That December, the Metric Mile returned with the announcement of a new single, "In Praise of Ski Jumpers," and the launch of their own label, Kingsland Territories.