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Theo Rodrigues

His original name is Celso Ricardo Cunha de Souza Rodrigues and he was born in October of 1975, in the city of Porto Velho in the State of Rondonia in the Amazon area in Brazil. In 1991, he joined the music group of the Cathedral of Porto Velho playing organ at the mass and Christian music festivals along with his colleagues from the church and his mother, where he had played till January of 2000. Still in 1991, he joined a rock band called "Faculdade Mental" as a keyboard player. In 1992 after everybody had left the band, he replaced the bass player and kept the band with other friends from his High School, "Colégio Dom Bosco". In 1992, they changed the name of the band for "Habeas Corpus" and started to make their own music. Theo was the song writer, bass player and the second singer of the band. The band was formed by him on bass, the main singer and guitarist Paulo Guido, Cladson on the keyboards and Theo's brother Roney Wagner on the drums. They played all over the state of Rondônia and Acre, in the Amazon area. The death of his friend and band bate Cladson in 1996 made them split and they went their separate ways. After Theo recovered from the lost of his friend, he got back playing along with his brother doing acoustic acts around the city, playing what they call in Brazil as MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). In 1998, he made to the finals of the Music Contest in his city called FAN, and recorded his song called “Minha Natureza” which was released in 1999 in a album with all the 12 finalist of the contest, as his original name Celso Ricardo. In 2000, after had graduated in accounting in the Federal University of Rondonia, he moved to Palmas in the State of Tocantins, another part in the Amazon area and decided to started his solo career as Theo Rodrigues. In 2001, he recorded his first album of his career called "Pela Noite" which means "Through the night" with nine more songs written all by him. The title of the album and the songs "Quando Será" (When it will happen), "Revendo a cena" (Reviewing the scene) and "Beijo" (Kiss), had played on the radios stations throughout Brazil. After that, he moved to the capital (Brasilia) to be better located, being able to play in big cities like São Paulo, Goiânia and even the capital of Brazil. In April of 2003 he moved to USA where he had lived till June of 2006. During this period he had played in Boston (MA), Cambridge (MA), Newark (NJ) and Orlando (FL) promoting his music with his unique Latin performances, playing his music throughout USA. His concerts were not only for the Brazilian and Spanish community in USA, but also for the Americans as well. Theo had also participated in a Music Festival sponsored by Emergenza, making to the semi finals in Boston. He is also in a DVD recorded in Newark-NJ in May of 2006 at "The Palacio Europa" among with others musicians from Brazil, playing his song "Poeta Brasileiro". In 2007 Theo had shared his time in Rio de Janeiro recording his second album and promoting his music throughout Brazil, since he had stayed almost 4 years away from his home country. In July of 2007, he had left Brazil once again to spread out his music in Europe. Theo Rodrigues is based in London where he performs and promotes his music with his band mates.

Pela Noite Cover
  • Pela Noite
  • Latin, Pop
  • Theo Rodrigues
  • 09/28/2007
  • Pela Noite
Liner Notes: Produced by Theo Rodrigues and Leandro Carvalho in the Summer of 2001, Brazil. All songs were written by Theo Rodrigues Mastered by Leandro Carvalho Musicians: Theo Rodrigues: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Leandro Carvalho: Eletric Guitar Rodrigo Rey: Bass Frederico Valle: Drumms Rodarth: Violin Foca: Sax Josue Santos: Trumpet Artist Webpage: www.theorodrigues.com Contact: theorodrigues@theorodrigues.com
  1. Madrugada
  2. Pela Noite
  3. Beijo
  4. Revendo a Cena
  5. Tudo faz lembrar
  6. Enquanto a chuva cai
  7. Apenas uma palavra
  8. Por algumas horas
  9. Quando Será
  10. Só você pode me curar