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Beth Thompson, former singer for the LA-based band Medicine, releases new CD

Beth Thompson, former singer for the LA-based band Medicine, releases new CD

THE SHWAY is the collaborative effort between Beth Thompson, former singer/lyricist for the LA-based Alternative-rock band, MEDICINE and Steve Gerdes, bass player/programmer and award winning graphic designer. Beth Thompson and Steve Gerdes first worked together in the late 1980's in the LA-based indie band FOURWAYCROSS. After a long hiatus, during which time Beth joined forces with guitarist Brad Laner to launch the alternative rock band MEDICINE, Beth and Steve re-united and started writing songs together again. This album, Pushed Beyond The Dream, is a collection of songs written by the duo over the past 4 years and represents their first collaborative effort with each other in almost 15 years.

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Pushed Beyond the Dream Cover
  • Pushed Beyond the Dream
  • Alternative, Pop
  • The Shway
  • 11/05/2008
  • Pushed Beyond the Dream
Liner Notes: The Shway is a collaborative effort between bassist/programmer Steve Gerdes and Beth Thompson, former vocalist, lyricist and front-"man" for the LA-based noise-pop band, MEDICINE, with occasional musical textures from guitarist/flutist Courtney Davies. In addition, we would like to give special thanks to Daniel Dominguez and Dennis Wilson, for their guitar riffs and sonic contributions on "Fall" and "Painful Cyst" respectively. The name, The Shway, comes from the Chinese word "xue," (pronounced: shway,) which translates to "Blood." And this new collection of songs is comprised of our blood, as well as our tears. We are taking the next step on this open road and invite you into our world - plug in and enjoy, we hope you have as much fun listening, as we are having playing. This album is dedicated to the loving memory of Tom McGovern. All songs written by Steve Gerdes & Beth Thompson with the following exceptions: "On", "Rain" & "Kinkajou": Steve Gerdes, Beth Thompson & Courtney Davies "Fall": Steve Gerdes, Beth Thompson & Daniel Dominguez "Painful Cyst": Steve Gerdes, Beth Thompson & Dennis Wilson All songs published by Pink Cloud Music (ASCAP) Steve Gerdes: Programming/bass/guitars Beth Thompson: vocals/lyrics/guitars Courtney Davies: guitar ("Rain", "On" & "Kinkajou") and flute ("Rain") Daniel Dominguez: guitars ("Fall") Dennis Wilson: guitars ("Painful Cyst") This album was recorded and mastered at Hideaway Studios in Glendale, CA Mixed by Steve Gerdes and Beth Thompson Album artwork/design by Steve Gerdes Band photos by Peter Haskell
  1. Pink Cloud
  2. Undertow
  3. A Lucky Break
  4. Painful Cyst
  5. How Can I?
  6. On
  7. The Crush Of It
  8. Rain
  9. Perception
  10. Fall
  11. Massive
  12. Kinkajou
  13. Queer