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This Romantic Tragedy

This Romantic Tragedy

Sean Neumann- Vocals

Evan Ellis - Bass

Chad Dague - Vocals, Screams

David Diaz - Guitar, Vocals

Kyle Huender - Guitar, Vocals

Mark Neuhardt - Drums, Samples

This Romantic Tragedy or �TRT� as some of the fans have come to call it for short, has been together for a short two-years, and with half the members still in high school you wouldn�t expect much from this six piece, but their music, image, performance and large fan base speaks for itself. Their music is original but wrapped inside you can find traces of Hardcore and Screamo mixed together with synth and electronica. The sound relies on the harmonizing and heavy guitars fused with lead keyboards and synth, while punctuated by a very strong rhythm section of thumping bass, and heart pounding drums. The songs could be instrumentals by themselves but that would leave no place to express the strong and sensitive lyrics. The dual vocals and screams complete a tight package, and become the link that captivates the fans, which often completes and sing along to the lyrics.

This Romantic Tragedy was formed out of several projects of Guitarists David Diaz and Kyle Huender. After finding the perfect lineup of Bassist Carlin Leavitt, Drummer Mark Neuhardt, Keyboardist Gabe Centeno, and Lead Vocalist Jay Cammilleri, the band was set out to make a name for themselves. The members of the band may be young ranging from 17-23 but don�t let their age fool you. The band has a lot of talent, dedication, determination and personality and was once called �The Sexiest Band In Las Vegas� and being from Las Vegas any band could be the next one following in the footsteps of �Escape The Fate�, �The Killers�, �Panic! At The Disco�, �The Higher�, and �The Cab�, but This Romantic Tragedy is a standout.

With two EP releases in 2007 with their first Demo EP and in 2008 with their release of �Like Drama, Like Karma�, featuring the new electronica aspect to the music as well as pop, experimental and other genres, the band has increased in popularity both locally and nationally with an ever-growing fan base, thousands of plays on myspace daily, positive reviews and shows all over the west with national acts such as �Chiodos�, �Escape The Fate�, �A Day To Remember�, �Bring Me The Horizon�, �Pennywise�, �BlessTheFall�, �Scary Kids, Scaring Kids�, �Sky Eats Airplane�, �Thursday�, and many many more.

In 2009 the band returned to the studio to record their third CD entitled �Trust In Fear� with producer Cory Spotts (BlessTheFall, Greeley Estates) and recently released songs on their myspace which have received tons of listens, comments and recognition. �With this EP we wanted to capture everyone�s attention,� says Guitarist David Diaz, �We took the hardest licks we could write and meshed it together with the most danceable beats we could write�. The band also won the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands and earned a spot on a Rockstar Taste Of Chaos and 2009 Extreme Thing Festival. The band toured with Confide and Memphis May Fire the summer of 2009, before line up changes cut the tour short and the band had to find a new singers and bassplayer.

In 2010 those positions were filled by Sean Neumann and Chad Dague on Vocals and Evan Ellis on bass. They recorded demos with Joel Piper of Confide, and are recording their first full length album with Producers Wil Putney (Four year strong, Metro Station, Suicide Silendce, Chiodos) @the Machine shop Recording Studio in Hoboken New Jersey. New CD REBORN on Tragic Hero records will be released May 10th 2011.

This Romantic TRagedy currently on the Hollow Tour with Memphis May Fire, Us From Outside and Too Late The Hero.



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