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Trace Balin

Trace Balin has four album projects of powerful Cristian Pop, Rock and Blues. Her music and ministry have spanned two decades, impacting people’s lives throughout the world. Since her days on Word’s Dayspring label, her artistry has continued to ebb and flow, evolve and expand from the concert stage to ministry as a dynamic motivational speaker, writer, author, recording artist, actress and playwright.

Trace continues to perform in "Adam's Rib" (www.adamsrib.biz) the musical comedy she wrote. She also contributes her considerable gifts and talents to CrossBridge Church in Northwest Atlanta which was founded in 2005 by she and her pastor husband, Joel.

Champions Cover
  • Champions
  • Christian/Gospel, Pop
  • Trace Balin
  • 02/05/2009
  • Champions
Liner Notes: Champions was Trace Balin's first release on her way to 8 top-ten Contemporary Christian Music hits from 1988 through the early 90s. Her blend of power pop, rock, blues and tender ballads showcased Trace's heartfelt gutsy raspy vocals. Her aggressive lyrics also hit a chord with those wanting to see God move powerfully in and through their lives.
  1. Champions
  2. All I Wanna Do
  3. Only For You
  4. We Need Each Other
  5. We Are An Army
  6. Walk In the Spirit
  7. Take Me There
  8. Rock These Rafters
  9. Use Me Jesus
  10. I Don't Deserve Your Love
Here and Now Cover
  • Here and Now
  • Pop, Christian/Gospel
  • Trace Balin
  • 02/05/2009
  • Here and Now
Liner Notes: Here and Now, Trace Balin's highly acclaimed second release, features the top-ten song “Eye of the Hurricane” with it’s powerful imagery of God’s peace in the midst of the storm. “Well Done,” another hit from Here and Now, displays Trace’s signature raspy voice in a powerful blend of belting pop, rock, and blues with sweeping rhythms and dynamic lyrics from Matthew 25. “If I Don’t Have Love,” a number one song in Europe, combines a compelling retro Rhythm and Blues feel with a cleaver lyric treatment of the convicting words from 1 Corinthians 13. The songs on Hear and Now, mostly penned by Trace, display a spiritual and poetic maturity along with providing powerful musical support for her passionate gutsy vocals.
  1. Here and Now
  2. Well Done
  3. If I Don't Have Love
  4. Eye of the Hurricane
  5. Never Let It Be Said
  6. When the Well Runs Dry
  7. Jesus At the Heart
  8. Just Between You and Me
  9. All Hail the Power
  10. Why Me
Out of the Blue Cover
  • Out of the Blue
  • Pop, Christian/Gospel
  • Trace Balin
  • 02/06/2009
  • Out of the Blue
Liner Notes: Out of the Blue, Trace Balin’s third release, established her as a versatile soft and hard rock singer who’s raspy soulful voice also put her in the center of the emerging “Christian Blues” scene. The popular song, “Answer to Prayer,” heads up the half dozen thoughtful inspiring power pop and rock songs on the album, while the title cut, “Out of the Blue,” and the rest of the songs showcase Trace’s unique blues chops that add a passionate depth to Balin’s heartfelt lyrics.
  1. Stranger
  2. Changes
  3. My Heart Is Set On You
  4. Answer to Prayer
  5. This Is Where
  6. Out of the Blue
  7. The Love We Know
  8. Meet You In The Garden
  9. Walk It Out
  10. You Were My Last Hope
Glory Road Cover
  • Glory Road
  • Blues, Christian/Gospel
  • Trace Balin
  • 02/06/2009
  • Glory Road
Liner Notes: You might think Christian blues is an oxymoron until you hear the adept combination of honest lament and ecstatic joy in Trace’s trademark raspy vocals as she soars and sails through the inspirational songs on Glory Road. This powerful and compelling work that Trace originally released in Europe on Spark Records showcases her meaningful self-penned lyrics and dynamic vocals. It’s raw, transparent, emotional, joyful, passionate and definitely the blues!
  1. Earthbound Blues
  2. Glory Road
  3. When I Get To Heaven
  4. Mention My Name
  5. Heart In Your Hand
  6. Everyone Will Know
  7. Faith Is A Travelin' Thing...
  8. All Aboard
  9. A Better Way
  10. Daddy Betcha Know
  11. Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love...
  12. For All He's Worth
  13. My Strength, My Song