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Train to Sligo

Formed in 1981, Train to Sligo played mostly at the Loch Ness Monster pub in Pasadena until their breakup in 1988, also performing occasional concerts and support elsewhere--notably for The Grateful Dead in Oakland on St.Patrick's Day 1988.

Several members have gone on to greater success in music. Thom Moore is an accomplished songwriter, with his works performed by Mary Black, Clannad, Maura O'Connell and others. Gerry O'Beirne has been a member of the Waterboys and Patrick Street, toured with Andy M. Stewart, and is well-known as a producer. His songs have been covered by Maura O'Connell and others. Janie Cribbs is a popular performer in the Seattle area with several recordings available. Paulette Gershen is a noted scholar of ethnomusicology, and was a featured performer in the original "Cherish the Ladies" concerts and album. Jerry McMillan plays fiddle in the San Francisco Bay area with Celtic Heart. Judy Gameral is a featured performer on many recordings and soundtracks.

Train to Sligo (1982) features Thom Moore's original recording of his very popular song "Cavan Girl", along with thirteen traditional songs and tunes.

The Dark and the Light (1984) features Janie Cribbs' vocals on Gerry O'Beirne's "Isle of Malachy", later made famous by Maura O'Connell, along with original songs by Thom Moore, and a collection of traditional Irish songs, jigs, reels and tunes.


Jerry McMillan (fiddle)

Paulette Gershen (tin whistle)

Judy Gameral (hammered dulcimer, concertina, vocals)

Gerry O'Beirne (six- and twelve-string guitars, vocals)

Janie Cribbs (vocals, bodhran)

Thom Moore (vocals, twelve-string guitar, bodhran)