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Truth Panel's Preliminary Hearing

Truth Panel's Preliminary Hearing

The whole truth?

Truth Panel's founding was the only logical reaction to a collision with the mid life marker for 3 Toronto musicians long gone civilian.

Their sound and songs derive from an inside-looking out vantage point set at the tag end of the baby boomer generation.

And that provides an interesting perspective, one that isn't often spoken to musically by people testing the waters of their "5.0" years

Truth Panel has been featured in numerous articles across the indie music scene blogosphere, as well as in the Toronto Star's influential Anti-Hit List and the Huffington Post.

And spins of the songs Passion Fades, Human Drama and Launch Campaign this past year on the BBC and on a growing list of indie internet stations and podcasts find Truth Panel reaching an international audience.

One they hope will enjoy their debut release, Preliminary Hearing.

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