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TS Prod Formerly Known as Tamil Sound Production, a French / Tamil Hip hop and RnB Group formed in 2006. The members consist of Meera B, Vassan, Thars, Jaytown and Sam.

Born and Bred in France 5 young talented have rooted together and combined their talents as Europe first Tamil group consisting of both guy and girls as all ages! Brought together because of their passion, their will, friendship and motivation, dream is all about Music.

From lyricists to singers, evolved composers, they are all related to one word: Music. Their success and strength are based on a great teamwork. They enjoy each moment and respect each one’s talents as a signature of friendship.

Since 2008, they have worked on several tracks and with much collaboration (Lady Pista, Caprice, Black Air…). Some of their memorable tracks like Azhagiya Sudare, Mazhai Neram, Nilavidam, Kaatre Va, Poi sollade, Jessie and more tracks brought them to the limelight.

TS Prod has worked on different projects including some tracks, video clippings and new collaborations. One of their greatest singles, which is said to be the group's breakthrough, “Poi Solladhe” was a number one hit worldwide which hit number-one in more than 30 countries and helped establish the group as a "global phenomenon", credited for being the pioneers that paved the way for the commercial breakthrough of teen Tamil music in late 2006. This was a major success compared with the success of their other singles Over 10000 view on YouTube. They had performed they had performed this song many times in Switzerland, where they gain majority of fans making them the best performing group of all time. And soon with the support of JR Media works shooting a spectacular Music video which gain over 10, 0000 view worldwide.

They have now Signed to a major record label called Han-y records releasing their Debut Album Memories which has been in stores all over Europe and available to download on ITunes. This will be becoming the best-selling album by a European Tamils in music history. Proud to say has been the groups’ best seller since day of launch. What made TS Prod different from other talented groups, were their strict policy on lyrics, their different vision on music and their creativity. Even though they are inspired by some occidental style of music and dances, they are mostly focalized on Tamil related projects. As a mark of respect and pride, they want to be recognized as a Tamil family of young artists, through which they’ve earned fans worldwide with their inventive approach to hip-hop music, inspiring young people with both Carnatic and western rhymes, and a positive spirit and new vibe.

In 2011, TS Prod produced” Uyirodu kollade” with the help of 35mm definition it was a great come back after the production of Toy Story. 35mm definition did their first production with TS Prod and it was a successful hit in their part as well. Uyirodu kollade was a different type of release in terms of the previous video’s released. This release showed reality in different ways. The lyrics sung by Thars and Vassan made the video complete. Due to the release there was over 60,000 reviews on youtube and more good reviews on facebook. Thanks to all our fans we had an amazing successful video. After finishing off with a successful video with Uyirodhu kollade, our next video Oru Ooril with 35 mm definition again reached a best success as well. Oru Ooril had TS Prod singer Meera do her first music video with a compassion. Oru Ooril is a story of TS Prod life. This production showed our obstacles and the way we worked as a family. Both of these releases are in the album of “NOTHING TO PROVE”

After our success of Memories Album we started off with a nice hit of NOTHING TO PROVE. In this album, have 14 successful titles to it. This album will be more successful. TS PROD has put together their hard work to make sure every single fan will enjoy it just as much as the other album. Every fan will love this album lyrically and musically. It is an inspiring album to touch everyone’s heart. It has all types of music like love life, family life, street life, and etc. On 2nd of June this album has been launched in Switzerland at TS PROD live concert and has been launched on itunes as well. First time in Tamil history in Europe, TS PROD accomplished the very first live concert along with HAN-Y talents. In addition, after our success with our first live concert, we are looking to move forward in accomplishing a nationwide success.

TS PROD has created their own label called HAN-Y records in 2012. The records company was opened to give a platform for the talented newcomers and existing people. The album, “NOTHING TO PROVE” was produced by HAN-Y records. Moreover, HAN-Y records signed a lot of talents to the record company. HAN-Y produced many songs: Sindu.y - Poove Ennidam Vaa, United 5G - Unaku Oru Kathai Sollava, Ajana - Vendram Endru Sonnen, Basel5Elements - Anbai Kooda Thagana, Mutham Ondu Tharava FSPROD Ft. Young Asura, Sangeethame Sharanya - Enthan Nenjame. All these songs that were produced by HAN-Y records have been amazing hits for the record company itself. These songs were published on youtube and other media methods to have its successful high views on them.

TS Prod has flaunted a passionate, energetic Tamil RnB /hip-hop spirit which people of all ages have been drawn to. On “Memories”, the group's first album, that spirit seems to continue course through their beings even more than ever. Produced in its entity, The New Album “Memories” boasts a blend of live instruments and traditional Raagam and hip-hop beats. It also mixes the group's sincerely devoted verbal acrobatics with a very conscious view of the life and all experiences. “Memories” seems to rise above the simple genre categorization which is intentional, both lyrically and musically. The songs itself relates to the anxiety of the today realistic world and Tamil cultures with personal struggles which the members of the groups together have gone through and overcome have been composed into one, hard-hitting rhythmic jam.

TS PROD music has always been, and will always be strongly inherent in both Tamil RnB and hip-hop, but also with an eye to other musical forms. The rhymes are clever and irreverent; this group has just totally opened to new ideas and directions.

The journey of success is yet to begin as TS Prod has and so far so good, will proceed to further produced more fantastic music, they will further bond with upcoming tours, the energy between them will thicken...

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