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venusTRIBES (Jose DeChamp)

venusTRIBES (Jose DeChamp)

VenusTRIBES are a unique blend in the midst of alternative music. Fusing world beat, dark wave and jazz the project creates a synthesis of genres. VenusTRIBES were founded by Jose DeChamp, eclectic singer-songwriter and music producer based in London, UK. VenusTRIBES published concept album 'Siddhartha' (2011) and album '7 Colours' (2013), an alternative album with orchestral, cinematic arrangements.

Concept album ‘Siddhartha’ was inspired by Hermann Hesse’s mystical novel ‘Siddhartha’, describing a traveller’s inner journey. Ethereal chords, soulful vocals and tribal drums take onto a journey of jazz-fusion and cinematic sounds. Siddhartha-Song “Red Gaia” was a finalist in the Eco Arts Awards 2013.

Now Venustribes released second album ’7 Colours’ with Mondotunes. The alternative album has references to American roots music and Americana aspects with orchestral, cinematic arrangements.

Virginia's Song - Love It For What It Is’ and more songs from the album can be heard on VenusTRIBES channels such as youtube, vimeo, reverbnation, facebook. The song is an adaptation from Michael Cunningham's 'The Hours' - and homage to English writer Virginia Woolf.


A collaboration with film director Mher Hovvyan let to short film "Little Hands", with original soundtrack by VenusTRIBES - also on album ‘7 Colours’. "Little Hands" features the BBC Music Video Festival 2013.


Songwriter Jose DeChamp has been writing songs from a young age, was part of various jazz and rock formations and has created VenusTRIBES in 1999.

Musical influences can be found in neo-classical music such as Dead Can Dance or Kate Bush, in rock poetry of Patti Smith and in a civil rights song writing culture of Buffy St Marie or Floyd Red Crow Westerman. Venustribes music has also been likened to contemporary artists such as Lana Del Ray.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Sabrina Montanaro, artist and activist and to Tony Redhouse, Native American Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Percussionist whose work has been an inspiration and source of great comfort. Thanks to Willie Wilcek, musician, friend and co-composer/producer on 'The Key", 'Unfinished Letter', 'Two Wolves In My Heart (Rivals of Darkness)'. Thank you to friends Emilia Wormell and Erika Loeckx and to Penny Cloutte, teacher. And forever thank you to Sonaam Gabriel.

Recommended link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_618934&feature=iv&src_vid=5Z-NDNHw6wQ&v=pnLX9pdKuEg

contact: venustribes@yahoo.co.uk

Siddhartha Cover
  • Siddhartha
  • Singer/Songwriter, Alternative
  • venusTRIBES
  • 11/17/2012
  • Siddhartha
Liner Notes: Venustribes are a unique blend in the midst of the ethereal wave. Fusing world beat, jazz and songwriting craft this project falls out of any existing genre. Concept album Siddhartha was infused by James Lovelock’s ‘Gaia principle’; based on the theory of Earth or Gaia and all it’s inhabitants being one self-regulating system, maintaining the conditions for life on the planet. The title Siddhartha was inspired by Hermann Hesse’s mystical novel describing a traveller’s sacred journey. Siddhartha is dedicated to the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF 13 INDIGENOUS GRANDMOTHERS. To the Kogi Mamas of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - Gonavindua Tairona Elder Brothers and GUARDIANS OF WATER. Dedicated to Chief RAONI, Chief of the Xingu Indigenous Lands of Brazil.
  1. Siddhartha
  2. Red Gaia - Gaia Ab Aeterno...
  3. Moon Times
  4. Concept of 2
  5. Traveller
  6. The Key (feat. Willie W)
  7. Winter Solstice Incantation...
  8. Black Sister White Mother + Red Companion...
  9. My Child ...
  10. Siddhartha River Gospel