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Vermin & the Beachrat

Vermin & the Beachrat

Welcome to "Vermin & the Beachrat" an American Singer/Songwriter writing songs about Love, Peace, Hopes and Dreams. The New CD has been completed. " My Fantasy " The CD's can be ordered at: VerminandtheBeachrat.com

So come along for the ride, should be a Great Trip, and join me on this Musical Journey of Peace thru Music with: "Vermin & the Beachrat"

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My Fantasy Cover
  • My Fantasy
  • Singer/Songwriter, Country
  • Vermin & the Beachrat
  • 09/15/2014
  • My Fantasy
  1. Louisiana Lover Delight
  2. Next Time U See Me
  3. I Remember
  4. My Fantasy
  5. Those Times We Changed
  6. All in This Together
  7. This Insanity