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Virgin Soldiers

Virgin Soldiers

Virgin Soldiers were one of the hardest working bands of the Melbourne Metal scene from 1980-1990. Drummer Rob Boundy describes the band’s music as “English influenced hard rock with an aggressive Aussie edge”. One can detect the sounds of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Judas Priest, UFO, AC/DC and Rose Tattoo in the Soldiers individual brand of Metal Mayhem.

Their self-titled mini LP from 1987 (on their own Soldier Records) received rave reviews in the English Metal Press, with Kerrang! Reviewer Chris Watts saying their version of the Beatle’s Come Together was better than Aerosmith’s!

To quote Australia’s “Hot Metal “magazine- with the right industry backing Virgin Soldiers have the potential to take their music out of the pubs and into the mainstream charts.

The Band had success with their self-financed video “Danger in the Night” circa 1987 , (produced by Pyjama Productions) and featured on ABC’s “Rage” throughout the late 80’S.

When they finished recording their second album at Festival’s Grondman Studios, they pursued a “deal” on Festivals ‘White Label’ while remixing the Album at Power Plant Studios in South Melbourne produced by Adam Quaffe and Peter Blighton (Choir Boys). This deal ran into politics between Soldiers Management and Mushroom Records Chief Executive through some bad blood regarding one of Mushrooms older acts, sadly the Soldiers were the casualty of this conflict. WEA records and John Woodroofe pursued the band with a Showcase gig in Sydney’s Kings Cross, though the Soldiers were just a bit too tough for Australian “mainstream” at that stage.

The Album “Watching The World” was released in 1989 through Metal for Melbourne Records, a timely supporter and legendary shop for all things Metal! (Thanks Greta).

The band has written over 50 songs, published/released only 14 of these on the two albums to date. 3 demosrecorded at ‘The Jam Tim’ by Engineer Bruce Johnson (Oasis) were sold through Metal for Melbourne,during the mid 80’s with classics, Chariots of Fire, Junkies Paradise, The Good and the Bad and Make a Change,Another Way all Pub Rock Favourites .

New re-releases are on the table for discussion (2011/12) and the “later” 3rd album songs are demo’d , and still in the can, more crowd favourites, Power Hungry, Love will find a way, Rags to Riches and No rest for the Wicked being the last songs this line up wrote together.

The” Classic Soldiers” Line up members are still active in today’s Music scene:

Geoff Marquis has put together a “Tribute To Billy Thorpe “ touring the country

Rob Boundy is playing in 80’s hard rock tribute “Hollywood gun Club”

Steven Gibson-Williamson is playing in Duo “Two can Do” and together with Chris Farley has put together Angels Tribute Band –“ No Exit”

Mick Lodge is doing solo gigs in his hometown of Moe and surrounding areas. (Original birthplace of the Soldiers was Morwell starting out as “Shaft”)

As you can see homage is still being paid to all our great Rock influences,

We will prevail and remain unvanquished, may the healing power of rock be upon you!

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Danger in the Night Cover
  • Danger in the Night
  • Rock
  • Virgin Soldiers
  • 05/11/2010
  • Danger in the Night
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  1. Danger in the Night
Partys Over Cover
  • Partys Over
  • Rock, Blues
  • Virgin Soldiers
  • 12/10/2010
  • Partys Over
Liner Notes:
  1. Partys Over