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The mission of VOICES FOR CHRIST is to proclaim to all people, denominations, churches and organizations, the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ through praise and ministry in spiritual song as instructed in Ephesians 5:19 "Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.  Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord" and Psalm 95:2 "Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song". There is one thing we do on earth that we will continue to do in Heaven and that is to praise and worship God.  That is why we should view life on earth, for those who love Jesus, as choir practice for Heaven.  One of the most important activities of the human heart is to praise and worship God.  This is the reason we exist.  Supporting this activity is the purpose of VOICES FOR CHRIST.

The group consists of:

Gerda van Biljon (Alto, Soprano) - a graphic designer by trade, soloist and an incredible ear for harmony;

Linda Coetzee (Alto, Contralto) - owner of Bulelani Studio, soloist, coordinator and arranger of all the group’s music; You can view Linda's profile on her own site www.LindaCoetzee.com or at her Recording Studio www.BulelaniStudio.co.za;

Marinda Wallace (Soprano) - running her own dressmaking business and hitting the top notes for the group;

Amanda Beukes (Contralto, Alto) - in the IT industry as a trade - one of the lowest contralto female voices ever heard;

Leonie Cloete (Soprano, Alto) - operates her own business and a qualified maseusse - solid in the 1st Soprano notes;

Elsabé Genade (Alto) - owner of a call centre business and the group’s alto mainstay.

The VOICES FOR CHRIST genre is mostly focused on Gospel with a Spiritual tone. The group, with their diverse vocal ranges, allows for a wide variety of group-, quartet-, duet-, and solo- combinations, harmonies, and tempo’s, but always keeping in mind spirituality and the sacredness of the Gospel message being portrayed.

You can contact Linda on linda@voicesforchrist.co.za

Above All Cover
  • Above All
  • Vocal, Christian/Gospel
  • Voices for Christ
  • 05/26/2008
  • Above All
Liner Notes: All women Gospel harmony - Voices for Christ releases their exciting debut album titled “Above All” Cape Town, South Africa, 17th May 2008 - Voices for Christ, an all women’s Gospel singing group consisting of six members, have released their debut Gospel album titled “Above All”. The album consist of fifteen tracks with a wide variety of songs ranging from quartet A Capella, duets, trio’s, to the full group singing in harmony. The album is mostly English with a number of Afrikaans songs that have been included by popular demand.
  1. Wonderful Merciful Saviour...
  2. Altyd Daar
  3. Above All
  4. Down by the Riverside / Swing Low Sweet Chariot...
  5. Sweet Jesus
  6. Make My Heart Your Home
  7. Be Thou Near to Me
  8. Heil'ge Gees Kom Vloei Deur My...
  9. The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power...
  10. God on the Mountain
  11. Sweet Will of God
  12. Shepherd of Love
  13. U Is Hier
  14. He Leadeth Me
  15. Marvelous Grace
In the Arms of His Love Cover
  • In the Arms of His Love
  • Vocal, Christian/Gospel
  • Linda Coetzee
  • 05/26/2008
  • In the Arms of His Love
  1. This Is My Father's World
  2. Somebody Bigger Than You and I...
  3. In the Arms of His Love
  4. Come, Thou Fount of Blessing...
  5. Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us [Instrumental]...
  6. Be Unto Your Name
  7. Now I Belong to Jesus
  8. Sweet by and By
  9. The Blood
  10. The Lighthouse
  11. Jesus Is All the World to Me [Instrumental]...
  12. Do You Remember the Time?
  13. Touch of the Master's Hand...
  14. Hear Our Praises
  15. The Love of God
  16. Just as I Am [Instrumental]...
  17. Going Home
Go Light Your World Cover
  • Go Light Your World
  • Vocal, Christian/Gospel
  • Voices for Christ
  • 11/28/2009
  • Go Light Your World
Liner Notes: This stunning new Gospel album by VOICES FOR CHRIST is compiled with a themed message of Hope and Salvation. There is a wide variety of songs to cater for all tastes.
  1. Holy Ground / We Exalt Thee...
  2. Go Light Your World
  3. I'm Waiting for You
  4. You Gotta Do Right (A Capella)...
  5. One Clear Voice
  6. Habakuk 3
  7. Celebrating the Light
  8. A Capella Medley
  9. Net Oorkant Die Berge
  10. A Leap of Faith
  11. Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing...
  12. Gebed
  13. The Gentle Healer
  14. The Lord Is Coming Are You Ready?...
  15. Shout to the Lord
He Knew... Cover
  • He Knew...
  • Vocal, Christian/Gospel
  • Linda Coetzee
  • 12/02/2009
  • He Knew...
Liner Notes: "He Knew..." is an album with a theme of Salvation and Hope and of inspiration. This CD makes you review your life and what Jesus has done for you. The artist, Linda Coetzee, has been a performing Gospel soloist for most of her life, but this is her best album produced yet!
  1. Holy Father We Welcome You...
  2. He Knew
  3. When the Roll Is Called up Yonder...
  4. Instrumental: Near to the Heart of God...
  5. El Shaddai
  6. Living Water
  7. A Bird Without Wings
  8. Instrumental: Song of the Sea...
  9. Gospel Medley
  10. Day by Day
  11. Redeemed
  12. Instrumental: There Is a Fountain...
  13. Paid in Full
  14. I Surrender
  15. Instrumental: Softly and Tenderly...
  16. When It's All Been Said and Done...
Perfect Peace Cover
  • Perfect Peace
  • Christian/Gospel, Christian/Gospel
  • Gerda Van Biljon
  • 02/02/2011
  • Perfect Peace
Liner Notes: This is the début album for Gerda van Biljon. This album contains a fresh and vibrant feel to some new and some older Gospel songs. Gerda has performed as a Gospel soloist for many years and is part of the VOICES FOR CHRIST group. She has a real passion for ministry through music and this passion shines through on this exciting new CD.
  1. Captivate Us
  2. Perfect Peace
  3. I Will Rise
  4. Abide With Me
  5. You Alone
  6. Answer
  7. Psalm 23
  8. How Deep the Father's Love...
  9. You Are My Refuge
  10. Take My Life
  11. I Need You
  12. Como Un Rio (Like a River)...
  13. Pure In Heart
  14. Your Grace Still Amazes Me...
I Call Him Lord Cover
  • I Call Him Lord
  • Christian/Gospel, Christian/Gospel
  • Linda Coetzee
  • 02/02/2011
  • I Call Him Lord
Liner Notes: Linda Coetzee's 5th CD - released with a selection of well loved and timeless Gospel songs. Linda performs as a Gospel soloist and is part of the VOICES FOR CHRIST group. This CD is a celebration of the story of Jesus, sung brilliantly and full of harmonies (all performed by Linda).
  1. I Love to Tell the Story / Blessed Assurance...
  2. Like a Shepherd
  3. I Call Him Lord
  4. Calvary's Love (Instrumental)...
  5. Gentle Shepherd
  6. He Touched Me
  7. Who Am I
  8. Jesus Loves Me (Instrumental)...
  9. No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus...
  10. Saviour
  11. Knowing You (Instrumental)...
  12. If I Gain the World
  13. Con Que Pagaremos
  14. Mary Did You Know? (Instrumental)...
  15. Father, I Thank You
Remember the Lord Cover
  • Remember the Lord
  • Christian/Gospel, Christian/Gospel
  • Voices for Christ
  • 12/07/2012
  • Remember the Lord
Liner Notes: VOICES FOR CHRIST has produced this stunning 3rd album with a selection of beautiful songs that show variety, but adheres to their mission of spreading the Gospel through spiritual song. You need to hear this, so get it for you and your friends!
  1. Holy Spirit Come and Fill This Place...
  2. Remember the Lord
  3. If We Ever Needed the Lord Before / My Lord What a Morning...
  4. I Love You Lord / Oh Lord You're Beautiful...
  5. I Know
  6. God Will Take Care of You
  7. A Capella Medley
  8. Sitting at the Feet of Jesus...
  9. Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour...
  10. My Saviour's Love
  11. Wandering Heart
  12. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  13. Siyahamba (We Are Walking in the Light of God)...
  14. We Bow Down
  15. Antiphonal Praise
Give Thanks Cover
  • Give Thanks
  • Christian/Gospel, Christian/Gospel
  • Voices for Christ
  • 04/02/2015
  • Give Thanks
  1. I Lift My Hands
  2. Give Thanks
  3. For Those Tears I Died
  4. The Measurements of Your Love...
  5. No More Night
  6. He Touched Me
  7. Rock of Ages / Be Still and Know...
  8. Fear Not Tomorrow
  9. Jesus Saves
  10. Via Dolorosa
  11. Sweet Sweet Spirit
  12. Be Still and Know
  13. Let the Healing Begin
  14. Hallelujah
  15. At Calvary
To See His Face (Instrumental) Cover
  • To See His Face (Instrumental)
  • Christian/Gospel, Instrumental
  • Linda Coetzee
  • 04/02/2015
  • To See His Face (Instrumental)
  1. Here I Am Lord
  2. Die Here Is My Herder
  3. Hallelujah
  4. O, How He Loves You and Me...
  5. Make Me a Servant / My Peace...
  6. You Raise Me Up
  7. Think About His Love
  8. Just as I Am
  9. Mary, Did You Know?
  10. The Gift of Love
  11. Just a Little Child
  12. Knowing You
  13. Memories
  14. Via Dolorosa
  15. Softly and Tenderly
  16. No More Night