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Voices from the Nations

Voices from the Nations

Voices from the Nations seeks to promote and encourage indigenous cultural music and traditional storytelling, giving ethnic musicians and artists a voice and encouraging their unique innate expression.

Sing to the Well recorded in Tanzania, Africa, captures the songs of the Gogo people. This musical partnership has helped bring water and a medical dispensary with solar panels to their village. 100% of funds from Sing to the Well CD and DVD go back to help with village initiatives.

Sing to the Well Cover
  • Sing to the Well
  • World
  • Wagogo People Tanzania
  • 01/10/2007
  • Sing to the Well
Liner Notes:
  1. Umoja Drum Group
  2. We Thank the Lord
  3. Zeze Duo
  4. Going to Heaven
  5. School Children
  6. Donondo Quartet
  7. Chui
  8. Vigongo Drum Group