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Artist Profile


Waking Avalon

Power Pop was the next logical step in the progression of Alternative Rock, but unfortunately this wave has spawned a host of generic copycat bands. This is where Waking Avalon stands solitary among the rest. By playing music that is both unique and approachable, Waking Avalon holds an almost effortless connection to the mass appeal.

Singer/songwriter Adam Johnson’s range moves periodically from the part of crooner to more of a falsetto, thus aligning him with the ranks of his Power Pop counterparts. Peter Kenyon’s guitar style, reminiscent of 80’s arena rock, is well above the base simplicity that is rampant throughout the genre. Saving the backbone for last, James Ferguson’s bass playing and Jake Acree’s drumming are the bedrock that hold this musical mountain secure. Ferguson, a highly trained funk musician, often sets his fingers dancing over the fingerboard with slap style and finger picking—and sometimes a combination of the two. Acree, playing for over 19 years, presents innovative and dynamic drumming, which cements Waking Avalon’s music with a foundation of smooth beats and complex rhythms.

The live show is a testament to their passion for the music. Front man Johnson belongs on stage. It’s as if he were born there, working a room like few others can. Every show is an unforgettable experience, inviting the audience into the music—inspiring listeners to both hear and feel the artistic vibe.

The crème de la crème is that for years these musicians have played with bands in the far reaches of the country. Four talented men have made Waking Avalon a powerful confluence of experience and talent. Johnson’s roots are in Massachusetts, playing shows across the northeast before moving to South Carolina, taking the dirty south by storm. Kenyon found his beginning with bands in Colorado, then followed the music to the Seattle area where he met Acree, who was solidifying his hardcore roots at the time.

Phoenix drew them together, where they found Ferguson, a Phoenix native, who had been riding the musical tide with numerous bands in cities across the West Coast and Southwest. From coast to coast, these true performers have joined forces to devote themselves as the full body of Waking Avalon. Welcome to true Power Pop—the way it was meant to be.