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Angelina Lavo

Angelina Lavo

Singer, songwriter and entertainer - Angelina Lavo arrived in New York City from Russia in 2009 to share her story. From childhood Angelina's grandmother encouraged her to learn piano and sing.

Angelina's inevitable journey into the world of dance music started with her early collaborations in urban cross-over music. Working with Grammy-award winning music producer Sidney “Omen” Brown, Angelina Lavo helped develop her first single and internet music video, "Circus Act."

"Circus Act" captured well over half a million views on Youtube, the success of which led to her collaboration with the recording artist Twista. Her follow-up song, "Cotton Candy, featuring Twista" allowed Angelina to appreciate different musical genres and to memorialize her early experiences with her EP, Risqué.

Following Risqué, Angelina has made bold decisions in terms of her art and creativity.

Through her live shows at exclusive New York venues, Angelina Lavo rekindled her true love for dance and club music.

The opportunity to perform at heavily publicized fashion events for leading design houses inspired her to incorporate what she had developed from her early work and apply the same refined energy to the world of dance music.

Angelina's return to the studio was, in her own words, "a chance to make a soundtrack for her fans for when they hit the dance floor." Her inevitable collaboration with multi-platinum dance producer, Lu Diaz, sparked "studio magic" with her up-and-coming single, "Fall In Love (Tonight)."

Today we introduce, you to Angelina Lavo - electronic dance artist, performer and songwriter.

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Circus Act Cover
  • Circus Act
  • Pop, R&B/Soul
  • Angelina Lavo
  • 12/02/2011
  • Circus Act
Liner Notes: Performed by Angelina Lavo Written by Jenna Garcia Produced by Omen and Audioblk of the Elaborate Musik Orchestra Recorded at Stadium Red, Inc. New York, NY. Mixed by Ariel Borujow Mastered by Ricardo Gutierrez Artwork by Whuzi Released by Weerai Music, LLC
  1. Circus Act
Fall in Love (Tonight) Cover
  • Fall in Love (Tonight)
  • Dance, Pop
  • Angelina Lavo
  • 09/19/2012
  • Fall in Love (Tonight)
Liner Notes: Written by Angelina Lavo, Gamal Lewis and Luis Diaz. Published by Angelina Lavo, Inc. [BMI], Gamal Lewis Publishing [ASCAP], and Diaz Brothers Music/Sony ATV Music Publishing [ASCAP]. Sound Engineer Derek Garcia. Copyright 2012. Angelina Lavo, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  1. Fall in Love (Tonight)