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Everything Wildside

Everything Wildside

Great Rock/Metal from the late 80's to early 90's. Some material originally released on Capitol Records in 1992. Buy or listen on Itunes Amazon or any MP3 download site. Simply search Wildside.


All of us from WS!

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The Essential Wildside Cover
  • The Essential Wildside
  • Rock, Rock
  • Wildside
  • 02/23/2008
  • The Essential Wildside
Liner Notes: *Recorded in 1990-1991 at A&M Studios, Hollywood, California. *Produced by: Andy Johns *Lad In Sin: Produced By: Ed Korengo *Mixed by Steve Thompson and Mike Barbiero All music is registered with ASCAP
  1. Hang on Lucy*
  2. So Far Away*
  3. How Many Lies*
  4. Just Another Night*
  5. Sweet Little Sinner
  6. Lad in Sin*
  7. Clock Strikes (Live)
  8. Dance Swing
  9. Easy as 1 2 3
  10. Looks Like Love*
The Essential Wildside Vol II Cover
  • The Essential Wildside Vol II
  • Rock
  • Wildside
  • 04/26/2009
  • The Essential Wildside Vol II
Liner Notes: The is the second volume of 10 songs, including songs from Wildside's second self titled record, and songs that the band wrote and performed in the clubs in Hollywood before signing to Capitol Records in 1990. Recorded from 1989-1994 at various recording studios throughout Los Angeles. Produced by Andy Johns, Dito Godwin, Brent Woods. Written By B.Woods(Woody Bones Music) and D. Hannah(Hannanball Music) All songs are registered with ASCAP
  1. Lookin' to Move
  2. Company of Users
  3. When I Was You
  4. Hair of the Dog
  5. Heart n Soul
  6. Monkey See Monkey Do
  7. Kiss This Love Goodbye
  8. City of Love
  9. Crash Diet
  10. Hemi Cuda
U.T.I. - 20th Anniversary Special Edition Cover
  • U.T.I. - 20th Anniversary Special Edition
  • Rock, Heavy Metal
  • Wildside
  • 03/18/2012
  • U.T.I. - 20th Anniversary Special Edition
Liner Notes: This is the 20th year anniversary edition of UTI. Remastered, and rerecorded. It includes bonus song, "Six Feet Under". All songs are registered with ASCAP. Written by B. Woods (woodybones)and D. Hannah (hannanball music)
  1. Hang On Lucy
  2. So Far Away
  3. Just Another Night
  4. Looks Like Love
  5. Lad in Sin
  6. Drunken Mans Blues
  7. How Many Lies
  8. Hair of the Dog
  9. Heart n Soul
  10. Kiss This Love Goodbye
  11. Clock Strikes
  12. Six Feet Under (Bonus Track)...