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Windswept Orchestra Records Group

Windswept Orchestra Records Group

Our Mission Statement

It has often been said that.... ”Music makes the world go 'round”

The Windswept Orchestra Records Group is a professional, independent record label collective..based in Pasadena, California. Our primary business objective is to create, develop, produce, and distribute master sound recordings.....world-wide via our flagship label: Windswept Orchestra Records or through one of our subsidiary labels/ imprints: Le'BenGab Jazz Records, Prime Event Records, Gospel Traxx Records, Music Active Records, LenGroup Sound Recordings, Sierra Groove Records and/or Euro/Soul-1 Records. Our musical foot print, will cover a wide spectrum of sounds in many genres.

It is the endeavor of The Windswept Orchestra Records Group to consistently bring.....relevant lyrics, quality music and "The Sound of Hit Bound Music"....to the masses with the music that we create.

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