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ICS Worship Onthe Word

ICS Worship Onthe Word

On this site you will find some music projects that students have written recorded and produced. Each album is a compilation which represents one semester's class work. Most of the songs are reflecting a christian theme or message. If you are interested in hearing certain artists or certain songs, then you can use the search mechanism on Itunes, Spotify or others. Please enjoy and support by listening or downloading all of the ICS Worship Onthe Word tunes.

Also note that these songs can be found not only on Itunes but Spotify as well.

If you have any questions about our songs, artists or production, you may contact Steven Robert Ross at the email below.

Steven Robert Ross


Vidimus Cover
  • Vidimus
  • Christian/Gospel, Singer/Songwriter
  • Various Artists
  • 05/09/2014
  • Vidimus
  1. Talking to a Mirror <span class="various">by Nathan Ma</span>
  2. Save Me <span class="various">by Kristie Chan</span>
  3. My Father <span class="various">by Ida Leung</span>
  4. School Song (feat. Julian Pang & Josephine Pettigrew)... <span class="various">by Matthew Yuan</span>
  5. Countless Mirrors <span class="various">by Gillian Chen</span>
  6. One Last Tear <span class="various">by Grace Yao</span>
  7. Lies of the City <span class="various">by Natalie Lu</span>
  8. Constantine's Prayer <span class="various">by Danial Cheung</span>
G Sus My Identity Cover
  • G Sus My Identity
  • Singer/Songwriter, Christian/Gospel
  • Various Artists
  • 05/28/2014
  • G Sus My Identity
  1. Who Am I (feat. Natalie Chan)... <span class="various">by Steven Robert Ross</span>
  2. Know <span class="various">by Grace Yao</span>
  3. Songs of Praise <span class="various">by Leonard Rose</span>
  4. The Lilac Sky <span class="various">by Emmanuel Hui</span>
  5. For All Etermity (feat. Jonathan Chen)... <span class="various">by Aileen Ng</span>
  6. How Worthy Are You <span class="various">by Matthew Yuan</span>
  7. Patterns <span class="various">by Gillian Chen</span>
  8. More Than Nothing <span class="various">by Daniel Yoon</span>
  9. Be With You (feat. Athena Wong)... <span class="various">by Steven Robert Ross</span>
Heartbeat Cover
  • Heartbeat
  • Singer/Songwriter, Christian/Gospel
  • Various Artists
  • 05/23/2014
  • Heartbeat
  1. Heartbeat <span class="various">by Jan Au</span>
  2. If and When <span class="various">by Joni Chiang</span>
  3. I Will Follow You <span class="various">by Gail Shammon</span>
  4. Psalm 4 <span class="various">by Isabela Ribargoso</span>
  5. Cleanse Me (Psalms 51) <span class="various">by Elliot Leung</span>
  6. Lullaby <span class="various">by Isabel Ribargoso</span>
  7. Kid's Song <span class="various">by Belicia Wong</span>
  8. Hallelujah Father <span class="various">by Joni Chiang</span>
  9. Gotta Do Everything <span class="various">by Noah Ward</span>
Wow Underground Cover
  • Wow Underground
  • Singer/Songwriter, Christian/Gospel
  • Various Artists
  • 06/05/2014
  • Wow Underground
  1. Moo <span class="various">by Daniel Hestevold</span>
  2. Pigs Are People Too <span class="various">by James Li</span>
  3. Motion Song <span class="various">by Sheena Wei</span>
  4. Number Song <span class="various">by Leonard Rose</span>
  5. She Said It Was Something <span class="various">by James Li</span>
  6. Where Are You God? <span class="various">by Leonard Rose</span>
  7. Psalms 109 (feat. Godwin Law)... <span class="various">by Athena Wong</span>
  8. Whatever Happened? <span class="various">by Sheena Wei</span>
  9. K'nekt <span class="various">by Daniel Hestevold</span>
Hero Cover
  • Hero
  • Singer/Songwriter, Christian/Gospel
  • Various Artists
  • 06/06/2014
  • Hero
  1. Hero <span class="various">by Emmanuel Hui</span>
  2. King Me <span class="various">by Enoch Kan</span>
  3. Be My Superman <span class="various">by Natalie Chan</span>
  4. Prayer Swagg <span class="various">by Maddie Glover</span>
  5. I Can't Do This on My Own <span class="various">by Francis Fung</span>
  6. Armour of God <span class="various">by Maddie Glover</span>
  7. I Surrender All <span class="various">by Natalie Chan</span>
  8. The Jesus We Never Knew <span class="various">by Tiffany Choi</span>
  9. The Rich Young Ruler (feat. Natalie Chan)... <span class="various">by Steven Robert Ross</span>
I've Got Something to Say Cover
  • I've Got Something to Say
  • Christian/Gospel, Singer/Songwriter
  • Various Artists
  • 06/09/2014
  • I've Got Something to Say
  1. I've Got Something to Say <span class="various">by Isaac Chan</span>
  2. Perfect Love <span class="various">by Josephine Pettigrew</span>
  3. Dear God <span class="various">by Sharon Lam</span>
  4. She Bear <span class="various">by Joseph Bruce Ryan</span>
  5. Icecream <span class="various">by Julian Pang</span>
  6. Through You <span class="various">by Lucas Lam</span>
  7. Tears <span class="various">by Lois Orekoya</span>
  8. Lord Hear My Prayer <span class="various">by Julian Pang</span>
Rhapsody Cover
  • Rhapsody
  • Christian/Gospel
  • Various Artists
  • 01/06/2015
  • Rhapsody
  1. Love Song (feat. Natalie Chan & Kay Cheng)... <span class="various">by Shawn Bensey</span>
  2. Yours <span class="various">by Natalie Chan</span>
  3. Say <span class="various">by Daniel Yoon</span>
  4. Remedy <span class="various">by Daniel Yoon</span>
  5. Love Like Yours <span class="various">by Kay Cheng</span>
  6. Lies of the City <span class="various">by Natalie Lu</span>
  7. Moses <span class="various">by Jonathan Ho</span>
  8. Outside <span class="various">by Darin Deaton</span>
  9. I Will Always Love You <span class="various">by Nathanael Baughman</span>
  10. Guernica (feat. Aaron Cliff & Lee Cliff)... <span class="various">by Kwang Hee Cho</span>
My Portion All I Need Cover
  • My Portion All I Need
  • Christian/Gospel
  • Various Artists
  • 03/27/2015
  • My Portion All I Need
  1. All I Need <span class="various">by Trevor Kwan</span>
  2. We'll Run to You <span class="various">by Jeffrey Wong</span>
  3. Running <span class="various">by Jeffrey Wong</span>
  4. Someone Wishes (feat. Joseph Wan & Darin Deaton)... <span class="various">by Sharon Lee</span>
  5. Hello There <span class="various">by Gabriel Yip</span>
  6. No One Like You (feat. Chris Lau)... <span class="various">by Ernest Tse</span>
  7. Brother Mine <span class="various">by David Zhang</span>
  8. A Desperate Plea <span class="various">by Sean Yong</span>
  9. My Portion <span class="various">by Hudson Hilliard</span>