TuneCore Social: A Social Media Tool for Musicians

TuneCore Social

Share, engage, and connect with your music fans on social media, faster and easier than ever before.

TuneCore Social is free to use for any TuneCore artist with an active distribution on their account.

Distribute Your Music

Streamlined Posting

Post across social media channels without ever leaving your TuneCore Social dashboard.

Social Analytics

Gain critical insight into all of your social channels to help boost social media engagement and target new fans.

Scheduled Posts

On tour and away from your computer? Schedule up to 10 posts per month in advance.

More Info

What social media platforms can I post to?

You can post updates and photos to your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and upload mixes to Mixcloud and music to SoundCloud.

What platforms can I receive analytics from?

Receive analytics from your Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Mixcloud and SoundCloud accounts.

Can I link multiple Facebook or Twitter accounts?

At this time, our service is designed for artists that have one Facebook or Twitter account ┬áper profile. We’re working towards offering premium subscriptions that will give TuneCore artists an opportunity to manage profiles for multiple artists.


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