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1 in 3 Artists Who Played SXSW Use TuneCore - Join the community

Artists know they keep 100% of their sales revenue and get great support with TuneCore Distribution.

“We’ve decided to blaze our own trail and TuneCore is a central component of our business as an independent band.” - The Limousines

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Adam WarRock

TuneCore provides an easy, affordable way for me to get my music on all major digital distribution platforms. They've helped get my releases featured on iTunes. They are the best.

Ali Spagnola

TuneCore has enabled me to distribute my music and offers the most reasonable cost on the market.

Black Pistol Fire

TuneCore saved us a great amount of money on distribution and was a simple and efficient way to get the music available worldwide.

Chelle Rose

I love how TuneCore streamlines my digital sales.


TuneCore is easy to use and the customer support is awesome.

Chuck Ragan

TuneCore is always on time, friendly and easy to get ahold of when it comes to having your questions answered in full and in a friendly manner.

DJ Premier

TuneCore has allowed my label Year Round Records to release music when, where and how we want to, and they always pay us on time. I'm looking forward to releasing more music through them.

Daniel Whittington

TuneCore has made it easy for me to be represented in a professional way in all the places fans might be looking for my music. And having them manage all those relationships allows me to spend time on so many other things crucial to the success of an independent artist.

David Ramirez

Transparent accounting and sales information!

The Dead Ships

TuneCore allows us to be truly free from the shackles of record labels without compromising our connection to fans. TuneCore cuts out the middleman and allows us to reach a worldwide audience.

Depth & Current

TuneCore is simple, convenient, and more than fair to artists. Where else can you distribute your album just about everywhere on the internet for so cheap? We love TuneCore!


The best way to distribute our music.

Erin McKeown

TuneCore is transparent, affordable, and incredibly easy-to-use. While I wait months to be paid by other distributors and labels, my TuneCore balance and accounting show up on time, every time. Selling my music through TuneCore is my most consistent and reliable source of income. Thank you!

Eshon Burgundy

I use TuneCore because they care about independent artists and the platform is very user friendly!

The Falls

We released our debut single through TuneCore last year. TuneCore is great for independent artists like us because it is so easy to use, it's extremely cost effective and the reporting is excellent.

Fort Frances

TuneCore is full of a bunch of badass people that support great music.

Golden Bloom

TuneCore makes it incredibly easy to share our music with a worldwide audience, and has allowed us to grow our online presence tremendously.

He's My Brother She's My Sister

We can choose when and how we distribute our online music and see full reports of how it's doing and where revenue is coming from. It's well organized and reliable.


Having TuneCore on our side enables our music to be heard everywhere. No need for a middle man or unfair percentages—our music goes straight from us to our fans.

Hector Guerra

It´s the easiest way to manage my music independently.

High Highs

TuneCore let High Highs take control of their own album, creatively and commercially. The music went up on all the DSPs, right on schedule. And the band even received promotional placement from many of them upon release. It couldn't have been easier, or been more of what we needed. -- Mike Tierney, General Manager, Rocket Music


We use TuneCore because of the accuracy and timeliness of payments.

Hunter Hunted

TuneCore is a super convenient and accessible way for us artists to get music out to the world.

Jay Nash

TuneCore has played a vital role in my career as an independent artist. They act as a direct conduit to move my music out to all of the major digital retail outlets and provide comprehensive and timely record keeping…all without taking a percentage of my gross sales revenue. They're kind of in a class of their own.

Jhonny Presley

Great affordable digital distribution worldwide.




The ease of distributing our music to multiple online platforms as well as ordering physical copies of our records is extremely helpful. We've been using TuneCore since 2009 and we will continue to do so!

Leah Nobel

I use TuneCore because it is a one-stop-shop for getting my music in all different portals on the internet. It's easy to use, and the customer service is supreme!

The Lights Out

TuneCore is our way of making sure our bases are covered across the spectrum of online revenue-producing streams. It helps us maximize our earning potential.

The Limousines

We’ve decided to blaze our own trail and TuneCore is a central component of our business as an independent band.

Mister Loveless

We use TuneCore to make our music available for listeners around the world. We feel that TuneCore levels the playing field between up-and-comers and household names. They are an essential part of our team, working with us to achieve our goals.

More Or Les

TuneCore is an effective and easy way to get your music online, into the most popular stores with no hassle or extra fees. The customer service is great and reliable.


Neon Lion

Great for independent artists!

O Conqueror

Where else can you distribute your album just about everywhere on the internet for so cheap? We love TuneCore!


TuneCore is OK SWEETHEART's digital distribution team! Without it, I wouldn't have songs on iTunes. I'm sure there are other platforms for distribution that work just fine but I've found TuneCore to be super reliable and easy to use. I'm grateful to have a website to work though that makes sense to me, the artist.

The Orbans

Being independent has provided us the luxury to do so many things our way. From the music creation, to web and video, TuneCore has been a simple way to share our music with the people who want to hear it.

Pretty Little Demons

TuneCore as been invaluable to get our music out there to iTunes and Amazon. Our fans love the convenience of downloading.

Quiet Company

You guys do all the work, we don't have to chase down the money. You are constantly adding new stores to increase our sales reach.


Residual Kid

TuneCore has enabled us to blast our music out to the masses, and has made our lives so much easier, so we can concentrate on rocking your faces off!

The Revivalists

TuneCore offers artists a 100% royalty rate on digital distribution across all platforms as well as detailed sales data—you can't top that.



TuneCore provides an unparalleled level of service and effective digital distribution. I love TuneCore!

Sarai Givaty

Great way to share my music!

Soul Khan

Love the ease and transparency in reporting.

Stephen Kellogg

We use TuneCore because you guys are really artist-friendly. We love working with you and we think our fans (and music fans) must enjoy it as well. The checks show up in our mailbox to prove it!

The Stickies

1. Top Quality Customer Service<br>2. TuneCore makes online distribution easy!<br>3. You make us feel like rockstars!

Suite 709

Detailed iTunes reporting (rather than just a black box like other distributors), and simple, easy, global online distribution. A single hub where we can track all online sales activities. TuneCore has helped us be profitable as an indie band.


TuneCore has been great. Incredibly easy to use and very straight forward. Fantastic customer service. If you're an artist trying to decide between the ever increasing number of digital distributors - look no further, TuneCore is definitely your best bet. -- Bobby Herb, Manager

Triana Park

This is the best way to get our music to our core fans and listeners directly! We love the fast and professional attitude, it is fast, simple and easy to use!



TuneCore makes it easy for us to get our music out everywhere! They are extremely helpful and genuinely care about helping us out!


Yung Nation

We use TuneCore because we are independent artists who like to share our music across the world and TuneCore helps us to stay independent. We love the in depth sales charts and analytics that TuneCore provides.