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Upload Your Music with iTunes

Listen to your ripped music to check it.
Click the Music button on the left side of iTunes to go to your music library.
You can find your songs quickly by typing just a few letters of the artist or album name in the Search box, in the top right corner.
Click a song to play it. Make sure it sounds the way you want.
Note: your songs probably won't display their correct names automatically. You can click the song names in iTunes to rename them so that you can easily find them later.

Copy your music out of iTunes to your computer desktop.
Hold down the "Shift" key on your keyboard while clicking each of the songs you want to upload. They'll turn blue, like this:.
Hold down your left mouse button (if you have no left mouse button, hold just your one mouse button) and drag the songs out of iTunes, right onto your computer's desktop. Your mouse cursor will look like this while you drag them:
Drop them on your desktop, or in a folder you've created on your desktop.

Upload your music to TuneCore.

To upload your music, start at the Your Album page:

Click "manage your tracks":

Click "Upload a file" for a track and a field will appear:

Browse through your computer and find the file, then click "upload" and the file will begin uploading. Songs not uploaded will have grey numbers, uploaded songs will have green numbers:

VERY IMPORTANT: These are large files and can take many minutes--even hours--to upload, depending on your internet connection upload speed. Please be patient.

VERY IMPORTANT: You are finished ONLY when ALL songs have had a music file uploaded and the number of the track turns green on the Your Album or My Discography page: