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Questions and Answers

1) What is DropKloud?

DropKloud is a platform for artists to build stronger, more personal connections with fans on a local level by delivering photos, videos, songs and more.

2) How do I get DropKloud?

Sign up for a free TuneCore account, then purchase DropKloud via TuneCore.com

3) How much is DropKloud?

Try DropKloud for just $8.99 per month.

4) What is a “kloud?”

A “kloud” is digital capsule containing your content (photos, videos, songs). Klouds consist of photos, music and videos that can be dropped anywhere for others to discover.

5) How do I use DropKloud?

  • Create a kloud containing your content & schedule when/where you want your kloud to drop
  • Drop your kloud for fans to discover
  • Announce your kloud via your social media networks

6) What does it mean to “drop” and “redrop?”

“Drop” is when you make your kloud available to a specific location. “Re-drop” is when you or your fans share your kloud in other locations after it’s dropped. You can enable or disable re-dropping.

7) Can my fans purchase my music via DropKloud?

Yes! When you share your songs in a kloud, listeners will see a direct link to buy your song on iTunes or Google Play. The buy link will default to either iTunes or Google Play depending on the device (iOS or Android).

8) If I drop a kloud that contains a song, is my song streamed or downloaded by my fans?

Your song is streamed. Content cannot be downloaded from a kloud.

9) What does it mean to save a kloud?

When your fans discover a kloud they like, they can save that kloud to their “My Klouds” folder so they can access the content later. Your fans must save your kloud first before they can share it on Facebook and/or Twitter.

10) Can I create klouds through the app?

At this time, you cannot create klouds through the DropKloud mobile app.

11) I’m a new artist and want to reach as many people as possible. Why should I use DropKloud if I already have the most reach on Twitter, Facebook, etc…?

It’s not Dropkloud OR your social media networks. It’s Dropkloud PLUS your social media networks. With Facebook & Twitter, you can only broadcast a one-side-fits-all message. With DropKloud, you can select a specific location (1/10th of a mile or less) to deliver a more local, personalized message to your fans.

12) How do I get fans to download the free DropKloud app?

That’s where your social networks come in! When you announce specific klouds in social media, make sure you tell your fans download the free DropKloud app. With the app, your fans can find your klouds and any klouds available nearby and access your content.

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