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Monetize Your Music Across Facebook & Instagram

Monetize Your Music Across Facebook & Instagram

Get paid for allowing Facebook to use your music across their platforms. By signing up for Facebook Music, your music will be accessible to billions of users across Facebook and Instagram to use in their organic content. Fans will be able to find your music through an Audio Library and use it in the content they create and share across Facebook’s platforms. Artists can also verify and submit their lyrics to Instagram-- this allows you and your fans to add lyrics to Instagram Stories that promote your songs.

It's completely free and within a few minutes, you can submit your songs for monetization. Users will be adding your songs to their Stories and Instagram Reels in no time. Start collecting money from Facebook today.

How it Works

  • Distribute your music through TuneCore
  • Sign-up for Facebook Music for free
  • Select the tracks you want to monetize on Facebook & Instagram
  • Users can add your songs to videos on Facebook, Stories, and Instagram Reels.
  • TuneCore sends your music to Facebook for use across their platforms
  • TuneCore pays your earnings directly to your TuneCore account

Want more information? Check out the help page here.

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No Cost to Sign-Up

Sign-up for Facebook Music for free.


No Additional cost

Never get charged additional fees for monetizing new tracks on Facebook or Instagram.


Revenue from Facebook

Keep 80% of the revenue TuneCore collects from Facebook.


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