Believe And TuneCore Unveil Third Annual Be The Change:

Gender Equality Study Alongside Research And Data Partner Luminate, in Celebration of International Women’s Day

Study Reveals that Gender-Based Discrimination Is Perceived as the Leading Identity-Based Inequity Driver within the Music Industry, Based on Participation from 1.5K+ Music Professionals and Artists, Representing 109 Countries


NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 8, 2023 – Today, in celebration of International Women’s Day, Believe, one of the world’s leading digital music companies and TuneCore, the leading development partner for self-releasing artists, unveil the third installment of their annual BE THE CHANGE: Gender Equality Study. This year’s study is presented in conjunction with Luminate, the preeminent entertainment data and insights company that led the research efforts for the study in a new partnership announced last fall. The flagship study, which launched in 2021, continues to shed light on issues surrounding gender discrimination, bias and inequality within the music industry across all job functions, from artists and producers to managers and executives. This year’s edition of the study, with over 1,500 members of the music industry surveyed, is the most expansive yet, inclusive of feedback from participants representing a total of 109 different countries.

Building on trends and insights identified in the past two years’ iterations, the 2023 BE THE CHANGE: Gender Equality Study presents and quantifies myriad issues facing music industry professionals and artists around the world, covering gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace, the need for changes in hiring practices across all areas of music, the continued education of employees on how to confront such issues, and the demand for diversification of artist line-ups at live events. Furthermore, the study provides actionable solutions to drive change and progress across the industry, providing insights into the 1.5K+ respondents’ experiences and perceptions. Key findings from this year’s study are below, and the full study is available for download now HERE.

Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO, Believe commented, "The development of a more diverse and equitable music industry is one of the core goals of Believe's Shaping Music for Good strategy. We have consistently worked to support gender equality and will ensure that the insights provided by this year's Be The Change study will encourage even more of our industry peers to join us in shaping a more respectful, diverse, and transparent music industry for all.”

Speaking on the continued growth and impact of the study, TuneCore CEO Andreea Gleeson said in a statement, “The good news is that BE THE CHANGE is now in its third year and we’ve seen the study’s impact. It’s been quoted by the United Nations and widely discussed in creator and executive circles across the industry. But here’s the bad news - we need more change. We, as individuals and as an industry must heed the calls to action and do just that - take action. Small changes add up and if we each do something different each day, week, month, year, we will see a sea change in the industry. So let’s go!”

In a joint statement, Helena Kosinski, Vice President, Global at Luminate, and Matt Yazge, VP, Head of Research at Luminate, added, “As the music business becomes more globally connected, the issues that we face as an industry grow collectively. Teaming up with Believe and TuneCore for this study presented us with an important opportunity to research behaviors and attitudes of those who work within music. Our goal is that our findings will help create a dialogue of needed change that will positively impact the lives of women, trans, and non-binary music professionals all over the world.”

This year’s study included the participation of industry professional and creators from diverse backgrounds:

  • Global representation included participants from Africa (11%), Asia-Pacific (15%), Europe (27%), Latin America and the Caribbean (5%), North America (41%), and other locations (1%)
  • Gender: Women (45%), Men (49%), Nonbinary (3%), Other Gender Expansive Individuals (3%)
  • Age: Gen Z (20%), Millennials (49%), Gen X (23%), Boomers and older (8%)
  • Industry Sectors: Solo Creator (34%), Group Creator (14%), Distributor (13%), Live Music (13%), Independent Record Label (11%), Artist Management (8%), Marketing / Branding / PR (7%), Music Technology (7%), Social Media (7%), Other (Business Services, Major Record Label, Publisher/PRO, DSP, Trade Body / Industry Organization, Radio, Sync, Talent Agency) (5% or less)

Select key findings from this year’s study include:

  • 34% of women working in the music industry who participated in this year’s study reported being sexually harassed or abused at work;
    • That number is increased to 42% and 43% for trans and nonbinary individuals, respectively;
  • 53% of the music industry professionals and creators who responded agree that men are paid more than others in the industry;
  • 66% of the music industry professionals and creators who responded (based on the total pool of respondents who are associated with the music business) want to see more women and gender expansive individuals in positions of power within the industry;
  • Industry professionals and creators in Africa (38%), Asia-Pacific (42%), and Latin America & the Caribbean (44%) are less likely to view gender discrimination in the music industry as a problem; Industry professionals and creators in Europe (59%) and North America (68%) are more likely to view gender discrimination in the music industry as a problem;
  • Minority artists who responded are roughly 70% more likely to report experiencing online harassment or hate speech on social media;
  • While the majority of industry professionals and artists who responded indicate struggling with their mental health since joining the industry (62%), women (76%), nonbinary (89%), and trans individuals (82%) are disproportionately impacted.

The new report also features a foreword by GRAMMY Award®-winning multi-platinum singer-songwriter JoJo. The study also includes comments and insights by Lzzy Hale, frontwoman of the #1-charting rock act Halestorm, and multi-hyphenate artist and activist Jessica Betts, alongside a group of Believe and TuneCore’s global roster of artists, including Canada’s Alysha Brilla, Mexico’s Erika Vidrio, Italy’s Beatrice Dellacasa, and India’s Shalmali Kholgade, who all share personal reflections of their own experiences confronting gender inequality and inequity in the industry.

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