I loved Nine Inch Nails  "Pretty Hate Machine" when it came out.  I used to DJ and Head Like Hole was a constant player at The Chameleon – a Lancaster, PA based live music/dance club located near my college Franklin & Marshall.  I was so proud of myself for picking up on the sample of Jane’s Addiction on the album (and awed by Trent for using it).

Love them or hate them, Nine Inch Nails matter.  And Trent Reznor has been nothing but true to his vision and himself.

Over the years on my record label spinART I have had the privilege of working and releasing many of the artists I loved in college (and in some cases high school – still praying for a Feelies reunion) – from The Pixies to Echo & The Bunnyment to Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera) to The Church to Camper Van Beethoven to Stephen Duffy (Lilac Time) to The Wedding Present and more. 

Now through TuneCore I get the privilege of stating I have, in some capacity, "worked" with Nine Inch Nails.  Granted, all we did is deliver the new album Ghosts I-IV to AmazonMP3 (Amazon’s digital download store) but for me, this small action allows a feeling of accomplishment and appreciation.

The new album is a 34 track collage of unique sounds – and unique sounds is what Trent has been making for over two decades (if not most of his life).  And true to form, he did it on his own with no label with a small twist, the entire album is available for just $5

It’s cool to be part of it!

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